Get Ready For Earth Day With Map Crafts!

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We use tons of maps in our family. We love to take wilderness trips, and that, coupled with the fact that my husband never gets rid of ANYTHING, leaves us with hundreds of old maps. After obtaining      my husband’s permission to craft with his junk (my secret glee – I can get rid of his stuff while also being creative) I came up with a few new craft kit ideas: a Hand Tree and an Earth Mobile. Like these craft ideas? You can order a 3, 6, or 12 month Green Kid Crafts craft kit subscription and get 3 cool, sustainable craft kits mailed to your little one every month!

Instructions for the Hand Tree

Materials needed: old maps, 2 sheets 8×10″ paper, glue, scissors

  1. Trace your hand and forearm with recycled paper to make a tree trunk. Cut out the hand/arm tree trunk and glue it to another sheet of paper. Then cut leaves from the map paper and glue them onto the tree.

Instructions for the Earth Mobile

Materials needed: old maps, drinking glass, craft stick (or something else to hang the mobile from, ribbon, yarn, scissors, glue

  1. Use the drinking glass to trace 4-8 circles in the map paper. Cut them out.
  2. For a more challenging craft make 3d globes! Take 2 circles and cut slits in them that reach to the center of each circle. Fit one slit into the other and fold over and spread out the circles to create a 3d globe. Tape into place.
  3. Now cut the yarn into 3 pieces of different lengths. Tape 1 map circle or 3d globe to each end of yarn. Do the same with each piece of yarn.
  4. Lay each piece of yarn over the craft stick and tape it in the middle. Now when you pick up the craft stick the circles or 3d globes should hang down over the sides.
  5. To finish the mobile, make a loop so it can hang from something. Take the ribbon and lay it in the middle of the craft stick. Tie both ends together into a loop. Tape the loop on the stick to reienforce it.
  6. Hang your Earth Mobile from the ceiling and let it remind you every day that our planet is precious and that we need to take care of it!
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