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Noodle Bot – STEM Activities for Kids

By October 19, 2020December 8th, 2020One Comment

noodle bot

STEM Robot Pool Noodle Craft

STEM activities for kids are a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Here, we add an “A” for “Art” to turn STEM into STEAM.  By encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving in your child you are helping prepare for your child’s future success by developing their divergent thinking skills!

Combine drawing and engineering with your own DIY art drawing machine. This art project for kids is easy enough that even my preschoolers were able to create their own noodle bot (with a bit of adult help). The best part of this project is you only need materials from the Dollar Store, no special motor or tools required!

 Pool noodle crafts       


  • Pool noodle
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Decorations

How to make a Noodle Bot

1. Cut pool noodle to a length that is slightly larger than the toothbrush, about an inch longer.

.Noodle bot supplies needed

2. Insert toothbrush into pool noodle.

3. Tape each marker to the noodle so as to create a 3 legged stool. It may be easier to also wrap the tape around the whole noodle to capture the markers more securely.

building a noodle bot

4. Decorate your pool noodle.  Be creative! We used pipe cleaners for arms, pom poms for hair and adhesive google eyes.

5. Place your Noodle-Bot on some paper and turn on the toothbrush. Watch the magic happen!

completed noodle bot

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One Comment

  • Natasha L Merritt says:

    I have tried this with a dollar store toothbrush, a sonicare, a quip and still cannot get the bot to move around. Any tips?

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