Recycled Pontoon Boat

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My friend Jill made a great boat out of recycled materials that actually floats! This is a perfect spring craft to make with your little ones. Just be careful, about where you launch it. My friend said that the current took her boat and she almost lost theirs!

To make the boat, you need two plastic pop bottles with the tops screwed on, cardboard, a short, thin stick, and part of an egg carton. Cut out two pieces of cardboard, a square piece that will be the “deck” and a triangle piece that will be the “sail”. Glue the deck to the two pop bottles, making sure you leave a little space between the two bottles. Next glue a little square piece of egg carton to the deck to make a “cabin”. To put the sail up, cut two slits in the sail and push the stick though, leaving a portion hanging out the bottom. Next push the stick through the egg carton and the underlying cardboard. Add a little glue for reinforcement, and you are ready to set sail!

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