Scrap Paper Rainbows

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Hi!  I’m Jen and am a Green Kid Crafts friend and subscriber.  I saw this post about Scrap Paper Rainbows on a blog I read called  No Time for Flashcards and after we did the craft thought it would be a great one to share with all of you.  I really liked the idea since I save all our scrap paper and also save a lot of cardboard packaging (that I cut out into flat surfaces).  This is a simple project and can be done over time, or if you have a kid that likes to put glue all over the paper, it can be done in one sitting.

First, pick a canvas for your rainbow.  No Time for Flashcards used the back of a roll of wrapping paper to create their rainbow.  I decided to use cardboard instead so our final art would be nice and sturdy.  Plus, my little guy  is very fond of squeezy glue and I didn’t think the wrapping paper would hold up to his glue-y mess.  I should note that we did this project two days in a row (my 4 year old likes repetition).  The first day we used the nice thick paper cover of a big newsprint pad.  I drew on the stripes for the rainbow and wrote the names of the colors on each stripe (my little guy reads).  For non-readers, you could write the color with a colored marker to help with putting colors on the right stripes.

While D did his gluing, I ripped up scrap paper.  Most kids would like the ripping part of the process, and D did for a few minutes, but he was much more interested in the squeezy glue.  Once he got plenty of glue on, we started making stripes.  I showed him how to put the pieces on and once he got started he was really focused and wanted to do it all himself.  And voila, we made a rainbow.

The second day we did this project, I took it a step further.  After we finished our rainbow (this time on cardboard), I drew a circle and some lines on yellow paper.  D cut out the shapes and we glued together a sun for the sky.  We then put more glue on the other side of the sky and glued on cotton balls for clouds and blue colored beads for rain.  I explained to D how you need both sun and raindrops to make a rainbow.  I loved how this turned out, so I punched holes in the top, tied on some yarn and hung it on our door for a springtime decoration (which we really need since we are still covered in snow).

Our second rainbow…complete with clouds, rain and a sun.

Here is one more version of a rainbow that looks like fun too:  A Trash Rainbow!

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