Social Responsibility Policy

Being a socially responsible, green company is at the heart of Green Kid Crafts and a part of every aspect of our eco shop. We operate as a natural, sustainable, and responsible business adhering to these principles:


Our business is built from and built for nature, from the eco craft products that we use to the lessons we teach.

  • We strive to use simple, high-quality materials that are sourced in nature wherever possible. Our Discovery Boxes make great eco friendly gifts for kids. 
  • Through our green products, we encourage children to become eco kids and to explore their environment and develop a love for nature by integrating eco-awareness into our craft themes wherever possible.


Our goal is to serve as a model for sustainable business; ensuring that what we do today will not negatively affect tomorrow. We believe strongly in social responsibility.

  • We offset 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by our business and help fund the development of renewable energy projects across the United States.
  • We seek out materials and partners who also contribute to environmental and economic sustainability.


We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously and seek to be a positive force in the communities in which we operate.

  • Green Kid Crafts provides an affordable, healthy experience for children of all backgrounds, providing fun and enriching green gifts for kids.
  • We commit to ensure safety for people and the environment, so parents and kids can just have fun.
  • We are honest about where and how supplies and packaging are sourced.