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How It Works

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Select the age-appropriate plan that is right for your family

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Monthly boxes arrive filled with 4-5 Science and Art Kits plus a 12-page magazine

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Kids create, make and discover while sparking a lifelong love of learning

What’s Inside A Discovery Box

4-6 educator designed STEAM projects in every box

Award-winning hands-on activities that families near and far choose!

12-page magazine supports learning and connection

Green & eco-friendly materials, partnerships and themes

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About Us

We combine art and science to make STEAM fun and accessible so that kids age 2-10 can begin to imagine themselves as scientists, artists, and makers.

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Kudos from the GK Community

Find out more on what other parents and kids have to say about Green Kid Crafts


Thank you @greenkidcrafts for the awesome Color Science box! Boy is loving it. His favorite was the water bead color mixing kit.


This gift was perfect for busy moms like me! Some of the kits are more hands on and required my help; others allowed her to get lost in creativity while I had time to get stuff one.


We loved our physics box. He made his Newton’s Cradle this morning and the floating pen last night. Such a parenting win!


One of my favorite things to do with our kids is open up our #greenkidcrafts. When it comes in the mail, everything stops. Self-directed learning at its best!


Spent the afternoon making a pulley system and rubber band cars. We love our #greenkidcrafts subscription box! Last month it was all about art, this month all science