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Best Homemade Halloween Costumes

By September 28, 2021September 30th, 2021No Comments

best homemade halloween costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s never too early to start planning the costumes! These fun ideas for kids’ costumes will inspire you to get creative this Halloween!


Create a sassy cat with this simple tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. No time to sew leopard leggings and top? Find a feline-inspired PJ set and add the furry trim.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s instantly recognizable brow elevates this costume from “simple señora” to “high-brow artist.” Add a floral headpiece and a colorful Mexican dress to complete the look. Oh Happy Day has quick instructions for three different celebrity artist costumes.

Sock Monkey

DIY crafter and mommy Grosgrain was able to find the materials for this adorable sock monkey costume from their local thrift store! After following a pajama sewing tutorial, you’re all set to snuggle.

Where’s Waldo

For those with crochet skills, Repeat Crafter Me has a three-minute tutorial on how to create your kid’s own Where’s Waldo knit cap. Pair it with Waldo’s signature striped shirt and frames and your outfit has the perfect mix of DIY and store-bought.

Wind Up Doll

If your kid is really committed to the character, they will robot-walk up and down the street for extra effect. And believe it or not, the key is not difficult to make; just a toilet paper roll and some cardboard for an excellent costume. Hart and Sew shows you how.


Don’t let this Viking fool you, a quick visit to the craft store and sourcing items from home is all you need for your kid’s Viking gear. The source of the Viking “fur” may surprise you. Thanks to I Am Momma Hear Me Roar for this easy Halloween costume.

Needle and Thread

This needle and thread outfit is a simple and unexpected Halloween costume for girls. Thanks to Marker Mama and C.R.A.F.T. for creating this tutorial using common household items.

Rag Doll

Bring back memories of Raggedy Ann dolls with this cute Halloween costume. Look for dresses and accessories at your local thrift shop and follow Midwestern Girl’s instructions on A Beautiful Mess for the red yarn wig. Have a boy? Turn it into a Raggedy Andy!


After following the simple Yoda hat tutorial and grabbing a brown robe and lightsaber, your kid is all set! Thanks to The Nesting Spot for the inspiration–check out her full Star Wars family!

Vector (Despicable Me)

Everyone knows the iconic Minions from Despicable Me, but what about the movie’s other lovable characters? Small Fry Blog shares where to purchase each piece for this easy Halloween costume.

Little Spider

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume? Look no further than Mad in Crafts’ quick spider outfit. After grabbing a black hoodie and knee socks, you’re halfway to a creepy-crawly costume.


Get in the Halloween spirit without disrupting naptime with this easy popcorn costume for newborns. Decorate the baby carrier and slip it on when you’re ready to head out. Thanks to This Place Is Now a Home for the creative costume!


No sewing skills? Don’t fret! Follow Twin Dragonfly Designs’ quick tutorial on how to turn an everyday hoodie into a unicorn costume in just under an hour.

Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox

This charming costume is perfect for a brother-sister duo. Even without the dress and suit, Skirt As Top’s felt fox masks make for a great quick Halloween group outfit.

Flower Pot

Sad to see Spring go? Bring it back with this easy flower pot costume. Clumsy Crafter created a splendid costume with just four materials and in less than 10 minutes!


A skeleton is an easy Halloween idea, but we’ve found a new way to make it even easier. Using strips of white duct tape and black clothes, And We Play went the minimalist route to this classic costume.


Bring your whole family back to the Paleolithic era with just a few yards of faux fur and makeup for “dirt.” Thanks to Sew Much Ado for this quick Halloween costume the whole family can enjoy.

Princess Leia

After sewing Princess Leia’s belt, snap it on over a white dress and you’re ready to protect the galaxy. Create her signature side buns with her own hair or using yarn. Thanks to Craftiness is Not Optional for the great tutorial!


Using strong broom bristles as the top of a paintbrush, the rest of this costume can be assembled using cardboard and paint. Dukes & Duchesses created this artistic Halloween costume for less than $5!

Charlie Brown

Other than black pants and a yellow t-shirt, all you need is a fabric marker to re-create one of the most beloved cartoon characters in print and television. The Sewing Rabbit shows you how on her blog.

White Wolf Pup

Celebrate the arrival of winter with this cozy white wolf costume. By taking an existing hoodie and tracing the outline, you’ll have a custom Halloween costume in no time! This idea comes courtesy of Rust & Sunshine.


This DIY tutu and wings takes only a couple of hours to create and your ladybug is set for the evening! Thanks to Blooms n Bugs for providing this easy tutorial.

Rainbow Fish

Even if you haven’t read the book by Marcus Pfister, this Rainbow Fish outfit only requires you to sew felt “scales” onto an old shirt. Let your kid pick out their favorite colors to create their own rainbow. The bright idea for this costume is courtesy of Here Come the Girls.

Strong Man

Easily assembled with items you already have, this strong man costume is going to “pump you up.” Stuff the arms of a sweatsuit to create muscles and add an oversize ‘stache for good looks. Thanks to Amanda White who shared this neat costume idea on Tip Junkie.

Alice in Wonderland

Which cookie did you eat? Reenact the famous scene from Alice in Wonderland when Alice grows out of the White Rabbit’s house by painting a cardboard box to fit around your daughter. Misha Lulu brought this classic tale to life in costume form.

Three Armed Baby

This costume is so simple many trick or treaters may not even notice the addition! Get the neighborhood to do a double-take with this clever onesie modification from Instructables.


Have a daughter that’s “too old” and “too cool” for Halloween? Get her in the spooky spirit with this easy spider hairdo from Simple As That.

Little Red Riding Hood

A red hood, a blue dress, and a cute braid, and voila! You’re on your way to your grandmother’s house with this costume from Blog A La Cart.

Black Cat

This easy take on a black cat costume just needs some fake fur and wire hangers. Thanks Do It Yourself Divas for the smart solution to ears without a headband!


Make a scrumptious costume with this no-sew donut tutorial from Atkinson Drive. Attach it to a comfy shirt or onesies and you’re all set!

Gumball Machine

Need some change for the gumball machine? You won’t need much more to create one yourself. Follow Inchmark’s directions to create this sweet Halloween costume.

Oscar the Grouch

This Oscar the Grouch from Little Frills is too cute to be mean. Dress your kid as one of Sesame Street’s beloved meanies and you won’t get a “Scram!” while trick-or-treating.

Space Girl

Duct tape is an amazing thing. 100 Directions takes the home improvement standby and crafts a futuristic space costume. Follow her tutorial to see the other inexpensive materials.

Care Bears

This no-sew Halloween costume is easy enough to make for the whole family. Dress up at your favorite Care Bear with some common craft materials and the simple instructions from See Vanessa Craft.

Cuckoo Clock

Tick tock, tick-tock. Make sure you’re on time to trick or treat with this Cuckoo Clock costume. See how Play Dr. Mom personalized it with pink duct tape and feathers.

Sam I Am

While green eggs and ham are still up for discussion, this darling Sam I Am costume is perfect for any Dr. Seuss fanatic. Thanks MADE for the easy costume!

Baby Octopus

This octopus costume is too cute for words! See how Taylor Made created a clever “leg belt” to attach using only shirts scraps and felt.


What’s that smell? Bring the sweetness and leave the stink with this simple DIY skunk costume from Taylor Made.

Barbershop Quartet

No singing abilities are required for this creative Barbershop Quartet costume. Thanks Cakies for the idea!


Skip the store and make your own cowboy vest and chaps this Halloween. Follow House of Noise’s sewing tutorial and you’re ready for a night on the range.

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