Teaching kids about the solar eclipse. Here is a simple activity for showing kids what happens during a solar eclipse. Great for at home or in class teaching.
DIY backyard games for kids. Tin can basketball game.
Magic banana trick. Slice a banana before it's even peeled! Great trick for kids to show family and friends!
Back to school STEM guide for elementary kids. Great resource!
Make raisins dance in a jar with this kitchen science experiment. Explains the chemical reaction which is cool!
Magic milk kitchen science experiment. Great STEM activity using art, science, and math.
DIY lava in a jar experiment for kids. Create lava in a jar, diy lava lamp.
Create the illusion that you've turned a regular pencil into a rubber pencil with just your hand! Cute magic trick for kids.
Create a rainbow of colors with water in this traveling water rainbow experiment. Water goes from the jar and up to meet the next color in the jar like rainbow magic!
Dancing rice experiment for kids. A kitchen science experiment that makes rice dance in liquid like magic!
DIY backyard games for kids. Build a golf course in your backyard using tin cans.
Magic jumping beans science experiment for kids. Trick your audience into believing you can make beans jump around in a glass filled with only water! Magic tricks for kids.
Make a magic box that hides small items from your audiences view. Trick family and friends with this easy diy magic box.
Science projects for kids. Egg drop experiment using items found in the kitchen.
DIY toad house clay pot craft. Make a toad house for your garden using a broken clay pot. This is so cute!