Traveling water experiment for kids. Make water travel on a string from one container to another like magic!
Water surface tension experiment for kids. Lean about water surface tension with this cool color mixing science project.
Learn about liquid density with a fun liquid layering experiment. Kitchen science experiments for kids.
Water cycle experiment for kids. Learn about the water cycle with a salt and water activity that shows kids the result of evaporation.
DIY sprinkler from a recycled plastic bottle. Make a sprinkler from a soda bottle and a garden hose. Easy diy backyard fun!
Water science experiemtn for kids. Race drops of water in this fun science activity. measure force, speed, and distance while havign fun with water play!
Easy patriotic snack for kids. Kids can make this red, white, and blue treat themselves for a 4th of July barbecue or family picnic.
Ocean activities and educational videos for kids.
DIY gift that kids can make for mom, dad, grandparents or teachers! Painted rocks craft.
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5 epic volcano experiments that kids can do at home. Apple volcano, LEGO volcano, fall science experiment volcano, rainbow volcano and an underwater volcano!
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Paper plate pizza craft for kids. Get kids in the kitchen baking with pretend play! Paper plate craft using paper scraps.
S.T.E.M. for kids! Use engineering skills to build a pool from materials found around the house. Learn about structures and materials with this cool STEM activity for kids.