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Bristlebot Science Project for Kids

Make your own bristlebot! This is a very easy-to-make micro robot that you can make using the head of a toothbrush for a body and the bristles as legs. Watch it twitch and vibrate to make your “bot” bounce along like a nervous little insect.

Supplies:  pipe cleaners, electric toothbrush, tape,


Step 1: Disassemble the electric toothbrush.  Each toothbrush brand is different, however, the main idea is to have the vibrating part and the battery as the main body to the robo-insect.

Step 2:  Cut off the bristle portion of the toothbrush using scissors or a utility knife.  (Adults should perform this operation)


Step 3. Cut the pipe cleaners in half.  We will use three of the four pieces to create our insect.  (Use all four to create an arachnid!)


Step 4. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the bristle portion of the brush and shape them to form legs.


Step 5. Attach the electric toothbrush mechanism to the bristle portion with tape or even twist ties.  The key here is to make sure the Robo-insect is balanced and doesn’t tip over easily.


Step 6.Once you connect the electric toothbrush mechanism to the bristle portion have fun watching as your new insect friend starts vibrating away!



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