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How To Make Fairy Wings From Cardboard

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cardboard fairy wings

Cardboard Fairy Wings

Making your own fairy wings is easy, no sewing required! Make these simple cardboard fairy wings. Once they are done, get ready for some imaginative play.

first steps for cardboard fairy wings


Supplies: Cardboard, scissors, paint and brush (optional tulle, glitter)

designing cardboard fairy wings

Step 1: Trace the outline of the wings and cut them out.

following the steps for how to make fairy wings from cardboard

Step 2: Paint the wings.

Cardboard fairy wings step 5

Step 3: Glue tulle and/or add glitter etc. to decorate wings.

completed cardboard fairy wings

Step 4: We used tulle to make the straps for wings, but you could also use ribbon or twine.

happy child that has learnt how to make fairy wings from cardboard

Step 5: Strap your wings on and go spread some magic!

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