Projects that encourage kids to get outside.

magnetic doodles

Fun Magnetic Doodles Project

Magnetic Doodles Seeing the variety of magnetic powers never fails to amaze. In this project, watch as two magnetic forces come together... the magnetic doodles! ...

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DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer: How to make your own! (Updated with Chemistry Lesson)

It happens, you are in a pinch, the store is out of soap, your kid just touched the most disgusting thing ever or the cart at the grocery store -- well don't get...

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DIY Gift: Painted Rocks

Free-Painted Rocks Make a Wonderful Gift We were searching for the perfect frugal/no-cost sweet gift idea for mothers, fathers, and grandparents. Life with kid...

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Rock Heart paperweights

Rock Heart Paperweights

  A simple variation on a classic: Painted Rocks.  How about painting a glitter heart on a rock for a simple paperweight to remind your loved ones just h...

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