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More fall STEAM ideas for kids. Fall science, technology, engineering, art, and math projects with a fall theme!

More Fall STEAM Activities for Kids!

Fall STEAM Activities for Kids We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fall STEAM activities from this fall into one post! S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) are activities that include one or more of the subjects listed. The best STEAM projects combine more than one of these subjects so kids can see how […]

Make fall slime with this easy recipe. Sensory play, play ideas and simple slime.

Contact Solution Fall Slime Recipe

Fall Sensory Slime Glitter sensory slime for fall! Today we’re mixing together ingredients that turn into a pliable substance for sensory play. The best thing about this activity is that it takes very little time but provides an afternoon of play for your child. We use slime for rainy day play, birthday party activities, and […]

Put together a cold sensory bin for kids! Artic sensory bin play ideas. Snow sensory bin play for kids.

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin

Winter Play for Kids Arctic Sensory Bin Is it snowing at your house? We don’t get much snow here in southern California and usually have to take a day trip to play in fresh snow. Snow or no snow kids love winter crafts and play ideas so we’ve put together an arctic sensory bin that […]

Make this colorful salad as a healthy treat for kids. Kids can help prepare this simple salad!

Colorful Salad Recipe that Kids will Love!

Colorful Salad Recipe that Kids will LOVE! If you’re struggling to get your child to eat healthy some experts say to let them help you in the kitchen. Kids like to try recipes they’ve created or helped to prepare so maybe you can get them to try some new foods. Today I’m sharing a salad […]

Paint with nature! Gather supplies from your own backyard to make a work of art. #preschoolcrafts #artprojects #kidsart

Nature Painting Kids Art Project

What can you do with all those pinecones and leaves your child collects while playing outside? Use them as natural paintbrushes to create art! I opened my preschooler’s lunch bag the other day to find four small leaves that had dried and turn a deep red brown. I know she spotted them on the ground […]

Dancing corn is the perfect STEM activity for fall. Try this science experiment with your kids today! #fallstem #fallscience #corncrafts

Dancing Corn Fall STEM Activity

Science creates such wonder in my daughter’s eyes that I can’t help but love doing experiments with her. We like to do evergreen experiments but it is extra fun when the theme of the science is seasonal. This experiment is great for the wonderful season of Fall. Make Corn Dance Science Experiment This experiment is […]

A new twist on old fun! Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! #fallscience #pumpkinscience

Pumpkin Bubble Volcano Science

Bubble Pumpkin Volcano We’re adding a new twist on a classic fall craft for kids. Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! This is a pretty simple experiment that involves ingredient reaction to produce a lava flow of bubbles. If you’ve ever made a pumpkin volcano you know what supplies you need, but be […]

Make your own science tool kit from objects you've found around the house.

DIY Science Tool Kit Box Project

DIY Science Tool Kit Box Project Did you know that everyday objects can become science tools? A great way to reuse your Green Kid Crafts box after the projects inside are complete is to make a science kit. You can keep everything you need for your next scientific experiment in one place! What you put […]

Color science winter activity for kids. LEarn about mixing colors to create new colors with a fun ice painting art project.

Color Science Painting with Ice Cubes

Color Science: Painting with Ice Cubes Winter and summer are a great time to use ice in sensory projects. Today we’re combining a sensory art activity with color science in this ice cube painting craft for kids. It also makes a great last minute boredom buster for kids because you probably already have the supplies […]

Experiment with leaf colors with this cool fall experiement for kids. Leaf pigment experiement.

Leaf Color Experiment-Color Science for Kids

Secret Leaf Colors Experiment Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Leaves contain pigments that give them their colors. Even though plants are green most of the time, their leaves contain pigments for different colors too! In the fall, some leaves stop making green pigments as they are getting ready to […]

Learn why apples turn brown when they're cut and how to keep the apple slices from browning. Great kitchen science experiment for kids.

Why Do Apple Slices Turn Brown? Kitchen Science Experiment

Kitchen Science Why Do Apples Turn Brown? Have you ever wondered why apples turn brown when exposed to air? If you slice an apple and pack it for lunch you’ll find apple slices that have turned a light shade of brown when you open your lunch bag. Let’s look at why apples turn brown for […]

Easy origami animals. Directions for making an rigami frog, panda, whale and penguin.

Easy Origami Endangered Animals

Easy Origami Endangered Animals Several species of animals all over the world are listed as endangered, meaning their population numbers are so low that they are at risk for going extinct. Many species of animals are also listed as vunerable, meaning they’re numbers are declining and may soon be added to the list of endangered […]

Pumpkin craft for preschoolers and toddlers. Coffee filter craft for kids.

Festive Painted Coffee Filter Pumpkin Craft 

When it comes to Fall, we do it big. I have always liked fall, even as a child. Everything from carving pumpkins to decorating the house in pumpkins and leaves. It’s crisp and cool outside, the smell of cookies baking in the oven and don’t forget about delicious seasonal coffee! Lucky for me, my daughter […]

Mad scientist cake pop recipe to go along with a mad science themed party. Eyeball cake pops.

Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe for your next Science Party

Eyeball Cake Pop Recipe Science themed parties are really popular for grade-school kids and a yummy treat like these mad scientist eyeball cake pops are sure to be a hit! While there may be a long list of steps for making these science themed party favors, they really are easy to make in an hour […]

10 fall crafts and science activities for kids. A round-up of our favorite autumn activities for kids.

10 Fall Crafts and Science Projects for Kids

  Fall STEAM for Kids When the weather cools we like to head inside for autumn themed STEAM projects. Today I’m sharing ten of my favorite fall activities, some from us here at Green Kid Crafts, and a couple from our friends. Get ready to experiment with apples, slime, and everything fall! 10 Fall Science […]

Fall science for kids. Grow pumpkin shaped crystals at home with this fall STEM experiment. Fall activities for kids.

Fall Science Grow Pumpkin Shaped Crystals

Fall Science Grow Pumpkin Shaped Crystals We’re doing fall science today at Green Kid Crafts! Grow your own crystals at home with this easy STEM activity for kids. If you haven’t grown crystals at home it’s really easy and kids see results in just a couple days. The process of growing crystals is visual and […]

Animal pretzel pops recipe kids can make themselves. Get kids in the kitchen with these cute endangered animal themed snacks from Green Kid Crafts.

Endangered Animals Prezel Pops Recipe

Endangered Animals Pretzel Pops Recipe Making pretzel pops is an easy way to get kids in the kitchen cooking and creating. I’m sharing a fun endangered animals themed recipe today that makes a great addition to an endangered animals unit study. Older kids can make these themselves while younger kids will enjoy assisting you as […]

Eco-friendly subscription boc for kids. Green Kid Crafts has added exciting new updates to their boxes.

Exciting New Upgrades to Green Kid Crafts Boxes

Green Kid Craft boxes have gotten even more green! We’ve been searching high and low to find the most eco-friendly materials for our product. What does that mean for you? You can be rest assured that when you start a Green Kid Crafts subscription that you and your family have chosen a product that leaves […]

Enter to win $1200 in prizes from top brands. Foodstirs, Family Vacation Critic, zak! Designs, Green Kid Crafts, Back to the Roots, and Fat Brain Toys. Huge fall giveaway 2017.

Enter to Win a $1200 Shopping Spree!

Enter to Win a $1200 Shopping Spree with our Huge Fall Giveaway! We’ve partnered with more great brands to bring you one of our biggest giveaways yet. Our huge fall giveaway includes more than one thousand dollars in prizes. One lucky person will win the following prizes: $200 Gift Card to FoodStirs $200 Visa Gift […]

Reuse your Green Kid Crafts box to make another volcano experiment. Volcanic fissures are cracks in the earth that lava flow from. #STEM #volcanoscience

Make a Volcanic Fissures Project with an Empty Box

Turn your Green Kid Crafts Box into a Volcano Experiment! We love to upcycle, recycle and reuse any item we can, especially from our Green Kid Crafts kits! Expand on the Volcano Discovery Box you received with your monthly subscription buy trying out this box craft. We’re making our empty Green Kid Crafts box into […]

Volcano brownies recipe. Easy recipe that kids can help with in the kitchen. #volcanosnack #volcanoscience #recipeskidscanmake

Melting Lava Brownie Volcano Treats Recipe

Volcano Brownie Treats Convenience is key when making these volcano treats for kids. These cute little volcanos really look like they have lava flowing from them and they taste delicious. We’re expanding on our Volcano themed Discovery Box for kids which goes out to our monthly subscribers. Not a subscriber? Join here or see our […]

Teaching kids about the solar eclipse. Here is a simple activity for showing kids what happens during a solar eclipse. Great for at home or in class teaching.

Teaching Kids about the Solar Eclipse

Teaching Kids about the Solar Eclipse What exactly happens during a solar eclipse? During this eclipse the moon will move in front of the sun and block out the light from the sun for a period of time as it passes. An eclipse can also happen when a planet or moon passes in front of […]

DIY backyard games for kids. Tin can basketball game.

Backyard Games for Kids Tin Can Basketball

Backyard Games for Kids Tin Can Basketball Play a game of basketball in your own backyard with recycled and found materials. Kids not only get to play the game, but they also get to build their basketball hoop and paint the basketball! Tin can basketball is a good activity for a playdate, siblings, or have […]