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Upcycled egg carton craft for kids. Make a colorful diy decoration for a child's bedroom, diy egg carton mobile.

Egg Carton Craft Upcycled Hanging Decor

  Egg Carton Craft Ombre Hanging Decoration Spring holidays often leave us with more than a few egg cartons laying around and instead of tossing them we can upcycle them into something beautiful! This week on Green Kid Crafts we’re making crafts from egg cups for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Today’s craft is a […]

DIY light up Valentine. Make a simple circuit with this STEAM activity for kids. Free printable.

Simple Circuit Light Up Valentine

Simple Circuit Light Up Valentine This year my kids are making simple circuit light up Valentine’s for their teachers using a printable heart template. I think it’s so cute that I’m sharing the free printable with you too! But first you’ll need supplies to make a light bulb light up using batteries. It’s an easy […]

Easy origami heart made from the pages of a magazine. DIY oragami heart tutorial. This is a fun paper craft for anyone in the family!

Easy Origami Heart made from Old Magazines

Easy Origami Hearts made from Old Magazines Have you ever tried origami? The art of folding paper into different shapes is gaining in popularity though it’s not a new idea. I’ve been using this easy origami heart tutorial for years and is one of the most popular ways of folding a paper heart you’ll find […]

Calming lavender playdough recipe to make at home plus ten more scented playdough and paint diy recipes!

Calm Down Lavender Playdough Recipe

  10+ Scented Playdough and Paint DIY Recipes Making scented playdough and paint are fun DIY projects for sensory play, calm down time, and seasonal activities. We recently made scented lavender playdough for evening play to help the kids calm down before bed. The kids play with their homemade playdough while I read them a […]

DIY Photo Album from a Recycled Cereal Box

How to make a Photo Album from a Recycled Cereal Box There are so many uses for recycled cereals boxes! This photo album made from a recycled cereal box is so fun for kids to make at home. Add photos from a recent vacation, winter break, or fun family weekend to create a one of […]

DIY gift boxes made from cardboard boxes. Upcycle cardboard boxes into gift boxes.

Upcycled Cardboard Gift Boxes

Upcycled Cardboard Gift Boxes   What better way to show someone you love them then making them something by hand! We’ve upcycled our cardboard cereal and soda boxes into cute handmade gift boxes. Helping our little ones make gifts for others reinforces the idea of giving not just material objects, but giving time, effort, and […]

DIY picture frame made from recycled newspapers. Craft with recycled paper to make this cute home decor gift!

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame Try this easy  recycled newspaper frame for your next holiday or family gift made with things you already have at home. Newspapers pile up fast but many of us keep receiving them because we love to check out the weekly deals. Instead of tossing them into the recycling bin make something […]

Make heart shaped crayons from broken or unused crayon pieces. Great for coloring any time of year and for Valentine's Day gifts!

Homemade Heart Crayons

Make these beautiful homemade heart shaped crayons from broken and unused crayons you have around the house. Making these crayon hearts is super simple and kids love coloring with their rainbow hearts! Supplies: Broken or unused crayons Silicone baking mold with heart shaped cups Directions: Take the paper off the crayons.  This takes awhile and you […]

DIY Christmas Ornament made from corks and bottle caps. Make ornaments out of things you already have around the house!

Recycled Cork and Bottle Cap DIY Christmas Ornaments

Green Kid Crafts delights tens of thousands of kids across North America each month with fun and eco-friendly craft and STEM activities delivered right to their door through our company’s craft subscription box program. Kids are sent a monthly Discovery Box, which is packed with between 5-8 activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity […]

diy gifts

DIY Gifts Kids Can Make for Family and Friends

DIY Gifts for Family and Friends We’ve pulled together our favorite kid-friendly diy gifts for everyone on your list so you can make it a handmade holiday! Handmade gifts are so much more special, less expensive and a great chance to teach your kids the meaning of the holiday while they have fun being creative and […]

Eco-friendly gift ideas to add to your holiday shopping list.

6 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Kids

6 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Kids With the holidays representing such an incredible time of consumption, many of us are looking for ways to honor our traditions in a more sustainable way. Thankfully, there is a vast assortment of wonderful and eco-friendly options for kids on the market today, making it easy to find a […]

Discover More: Gifts Made By Me

Make more homemade gifts! This content supplements the projects and activities found inside your November Gifts Made by Me Discovery Box. Discover and Create A selection of our favorite kid-tested projects and experiments that explore DIY gifts: Recommended Toys: Gifts for everyone on your list! Discover, make, and play with some of our favorite mom-approved toys and gifts, available for your convenience on […]

DIY gifts for everyone on your list. Handmade gifts for kids, parents, grandparents, siblings and friends!

DIY Gift Guide: Gifts Kids Can Make and Give this Holiday Season

DIY Gifts Kids Can Make for Family and Friends We’ve pulled together our favorite kid-friendly DIY gift ideas for everyone on your list so you can make it a handmade holiday! Handmade gifts are special, less expensive and a great chance to teach your kids the meaning of the holidays. Plus kids enjoy being creative with some […]

Tulle Dress Tutorial

This is a simple, no-new tutorial for making tulle dresses for both girls and dolls. SUPPLY LIST Scissors, three or more rolls of tulle, ribbon, elastic, stapler, sewing supplies Step 1: Gather your supplies. Step 2. Measure and staple together the elastic. This will be the waist of the doll and / or the child. Step 3: Measure […]

15 Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts that Kids Can Make

We’ve pulled together 15 of our favorite kid-friendly homemade Mother’s Day gifts in this fun activity guide! Handmade gifts are so much more special, less expensive and a great chance to teach your kids to have fun being creative while getting some hands-on activity time. Here are our picks, both simple and more complex. Mom or […]