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Seed lifecycle activity with printable.

Seed Lifecycle Science Activity

Seed Science Lifecycle of a Seed We’ve started growing a bean seed in our little bean house and now it’s time to observe the lseed lifecycle. This is a great nature science project that involves observation and data collection for kids. We’re trying something new here at Green Kid Crafts and we’re pretty excited about it. […]

Seed sprouting activity for kids. Grow a seed in a bean house with this free printable science activity.

Printable Bean House Seed Sprouting Activity

Bean House Seed Sprouting Activity We’re ready for spring here at Green Kid Crafts! Now is a great time to start thinking about your spring garden, what you’ll be planting, and learning about seeds. I’m sharing this fun seed sprouting activity that includes a printable bean house for your little sprout. We’re trying something new […]

The holidays are a great time to instill values in your children. Three simple ways to add to what you're already teaching to highlight being grateful, giving, and caring for our earth over the hoildays.

3 Ways You Can Use the Holidays to Instill Values in Your Children

How to Use the Holidays to Instill Values in your Children For most of us, the holidays are a season filled with a lot of hustle and bustle. If we can conquer our shopping list, decorate the house, get the cards in the mail and still find time to don a reindeer sweater and sing […]

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

A great way to celebrate and enjoy nature this spring is to use what we have around us to make naturally dyed Easter eggs. Collect a variety of flowers and leaves from your neighborhood and raid your refrigerator. Try a little bit of everything. What a fun reason to get outside and experiment! Use a […]

African Grasslands

Get 25% off the first month of your new craft box subscription with code BLOG25! Green Kid Crafts delights tens of thousands of kids across North America each month with fun and eco-friendly craft and STEM activities delivered right to their door through our company’s craft subscription box program. Kids are sent a monthly Discovery […]

Discover More: Green Energy

Discover more about green energy! This content supplements the projects and activities found inside your August Green Energy Discovery Box. Discover and Create A selection of our favorite kid-tested green energy projects and experiments! From the Librarian For extended learning, check out these highly rated books about green energy for kids, available for your convenience on Recommended Toys: Experiment and […]

Wind Turbine

This wind turbine project is a great way to experiment with wind energy! Supplies: Paper plate. scissors,  straw, 2 pieces wood pieces (or 2 dowels), each about 14″-16″ long,  skewers, pen, hot glue gun, push pin Instructions: Step 1: Draw equidistant lines on the back of the paper plate. Start drawing them from the center point. […]

Water Wheel

Green energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, hot springs, wind, rain, and falling water. These sources are considered renewable because they quickly replenish themselves and are usually available in a never-ending supply. Below we show you how to create energy made from water, known as hydropower, by making your own water wheel. Supplies: […]

Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

Harness the power of the sun and create these beautiful solar powered mason jar lights! This project takes just a few supplies and is educational and fun. These solar lights are wonderful for adding a magical glow to your garden, patio, deck, or child’s bedroom at night. The basic function of a solar-cell powered light is to […]

Self-Propelled Tug Boat

This tug boat science experiment is all about “storing energy” and also about how the paddle moves the boat forward. Kids will have a blast learning about green energy while also playing in water! Supplies: – Plastic container with top (we used a margarine container), a plastic lid from another container, acrylic paint, paint brush, toilet […]

Wind Powered Sail Car

With this green energy project, kids will design and build their own wind-powered vehicle. It’s a fun project that will have kids competing against each other and working to improve their designs. This DIY Wind Car is a really easy science lesson and fine motor fun all in one! Supplies:   Cardboard box (we used a family-sized […]

Solar S’mores

You don’t need to build a campfire for your kids to get their fill of gooey marshmallow-and-chocolate s’mores this season. Just tap into the sun, the fuel source that people around the world use to power solar ovens. Here’s an easy pizza box model that will let you catch enough backyard rays to cook the […]

The Quest for Sustainable Packaging at Justin’s (Guest Post)

As a socially responsible company ourselves, we admire and support other companies who share our commitment to the greater good, which is just one of the reasons why we fell in love with Justin’s. (Their Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is a close second.) Many companies tout their social responsibility, but most aren’t transparent about the challenges they […]

Ditch the Junk Mail in

Did you know that the average American receives 41 pounds of junk mail each year, and that an incredible 44% of that goes straight to the landfill without even being opened?  Further, each of us spends 70 hours a year just simply managing our junk mail!*  Thankfully, there are now some really simple ways to […]

Teach your kids to go green this Earth Day

We know that children learn by example, yet sometimes setting a good example can be difficult for parents. But if you start early enough and follow as many of the ten tips given below as you can, you will teach your child to be more eco-conscious. Teaching environmental responsibility from an early age makes it […]