Science fair project ideas.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer: How to make your own! (Updated with Chemistry Lesson)

It happens, you are in a pinch, the store is out of soap, your kid just touched the most disgusting thing ever or the cart at the grocery store -- well don't get...

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Pumpkin Clock

Pumpkin Clock Have you ever tried a potato clock? Did you know a potato could power a clock? Did you know a potato clock can actually work with a variety of fruits ...

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Christmas slime recipe for kids. Make a fun glitter slime for the holidays! #christmasscience

Glitter Christmas Slime Recipe

Christmas Glitter Slime Recipe We're mixing up some festive Christmas slime full of glitter! Slime makes a great sensory play tool for kids of all ages plus they ...

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Dancing Corn

Dancing Corn Fall STEM Activity

Science creates such wonder in my daughter’s eyes that I can’t help but love doing experiments with her. We like to do evergreen experiments but it is extra fun wh...

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