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More fall STEAM ideas for kids. Fall science, technology, engineering, art, and math projects with a fall theme!

More Fall STEAM Activities for Kids!

Fall STEAM Activities for Kids We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fall STEAM activities from this fall into one post! S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) are activities that include one or more of the subjects listed. The best STEAM projects combine more than one of these subjects so kids can see how […]

Make fall slime with this easy recipe. Sensory play, play ideas and simple slime.

Contact Solution Fall Slime Recipe

Fall Sensory Slime Glitter sensory slime for fall! Today we’re mixing together ingredients that turn into a pliable substance for sensory play. The best thing about this activity is that it takes very little time but provides an afternoon of play for your child. We use slime for rainy day play, birthday party activities, and […]

Dancing corn is the perfect STEM activity for fall. Try this science experiment with your kids today! #fallstem #fallscience #corncrafts

Dancing Corn Fall STEM Activity

Science creates such wonder in my daughter’s eyes that I can’t help but love doing experiments with her. We like to do evergreen experiments but it is extra fun when the theme of the science is seasonal. This experiment is great for the wonderful season of Fall. Make Corn Dance Science Experiment This experiment is […]

A new twist on old fun! Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! #fallscience #pumpkinscience

Pumpkin Bubble Volcano Science

Bubble Pumpkin Volcano We’re adding a new twist on a classic fall craft for kids. Make a pumpkin volcano that erupts with bubbles! This is a pretty simple experiment that involves ingredient reaction to produce a lava flow of bubbles. If you’ve ever made a pumpkin volcano you know what supplies you need, but be […]

Make your own science tool kit from objects you've found around the house.

DIY Science Tool Kit Box Project

DIY Science Tool Kit Box Project Did you know that everyday objects can become science tools? A great way to reuse your Green Kid Crafts box after the projects inside are complete is to make a science kit. You can keep everything you need for your next scientific experiment in one place! What you put […]

Experiment with leaf colors with this cool fall experiement for kids. Leaf pigment experiement.

Leaf Color Experiment-Color Science for Kids

Secret Leaf Colors Experiment Have you ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall? Leaves contain pigments that give them their colors. Even though plants are green most of the time, their leaves contain pigments for different colors too! In the fall, some leaves stop making green pigments as they are getting ready to […]

Fall science for kids. Grow pumpkin shaped crystals at home with this fall STEM experiment. Fall activities for kids.

Fall Science Grow Pumpkin Shaped Crystals

Fall Science Grow Pumpkin Shaped Crystals We’re doing fall science today at Green Kid Crafts! Grow your own crystals at home with this easy STEM activity for kids. If you haven’t grown crystals at home it’s really easy and kids see results in just a couple days. The process of growing crystals is visual and […]

Reuse your Green Kid Crafts box to make another volcano experiment. Volcanic fissures are cracks in the earth that lava flow from. #STEM #volcanoscience

Make a Volcanic Fissures Project with an Empty Box

Turn your Green Kid Crafts Box into a Volcano Experiment! We love to upcycle, recycle and reuse any item we can, especially from our Green Kid Crafts kits! Expand on the Volcano Discovery Box you received with your monthly subscription buy trying out this box craft. We’re making our empty Green Kid Crafts box into […]

DIY robot from toothbrushes. Make a toothboth with eyes that rattles around.

Science for Kids: Simple Robot Activity

Science for Kids: Simple Robot Activity Today we’re building a simple robot using recycled materials. This “toothbot” will be a noisy toy to watch and play with once contructed. So look around the house and grab some old toothbrushes and bottlecaps to make this diy robot! Supplies Aluminum foil Soda bottle caps Marker Tape 2 […]

Back to school STEM guide for elementary kids. Great resource!

Back to School STEM Guide for Elementary School Kids

STEM—or science, technology, engineering and math—has become a big buzzword in the last few years. However, our classrooms have not yet realized this potential as evidenced by a 2008 report, where in which the US ranked 28th worldwide in math literacy and 24th in science literacy. Combine that with the fact that in US Department […]

Make raisins dance in a jar with this kitchen science experiment. Explains the chemical reaction which is cool!

Dancing Raisins Science Activity

Dancing Raisins Science Activity There are so many fun finds in the kitchen that make great supplies for science experiments. Today we’re getting out raisins and a few other key ingredients for a cool dancing raisins activity. We’ve experimented with dancing beans, dancing rice, lava in a jar, and magic milk on our diy page […]

Magic milk kitchen science experiment. Great STEM activity using art, science, and math.

Colorful Magic Milk Kitchen Science Activity

Colorful Magic Milk Kitchen Science Activity One of my favorite activities in our magic science series here on the diy page is this magic milk experiment. The activity combines art, science and math making it the perfect STEM project for kids. Kids measure ingredients, predict outcomes, create art, and learn how the ingredients in this […]

Create a rainbow of colors with water in this traveling water rainbow experiment. Water goes from the jar and up to meet the next color in the jar like rainbow magic!

Traveling Water Rainbow Experiment

Traveling Water Rainbow Experiment Kids love rainbow activities and today I’m sharing a fun rainbow science experiment. This activity can be used as an extension of our kitchen science or magic science discovery boxes available on our website. Rainbows always make me think of spring but this activity can be done year round. I’m adding […]

Dancing rice experiment for kids. A kitchen science experiment that makes rice dance in liquid like magic!

Science for Kids: Magic Dancing Rice Experiment

  My daughter has been experiencing and loving making our own baking soda and vinegar reaction for years. Sometimes we add food coloring or glitter. Sometimes we create play dough volcanoes to fill with baking soda and vinegar and watch the reaction erupt all down the side of our colorful mountain. There comes a time, though, […]

Magic jumping beans science experiment for kids. Trick your audience into believing you can make beans jump around in a glass filled with only water! Magic tricks for kids.

Magic Jumping Beans Science Experiment for Kids

Magic Jumping Beans Science Experiment for Kids We’re continuing our magic science with a cool jumping bean trick. This one is simple enough for kids to set up themselves and tricky enough that their audience really will be surprised when they see the beans jumping around in water. If you haven’t been following our magic […]

Science projects for kids. Egg drop experiment using items found in the kitchen.

Science for Kids Egg Drop Experiment

Science for Kids Egg Drop Experiment Today we’re working on a classic science experiment for kids. Can an egg survive a fall from a high place? Will it crack and splatter all over the ground? We’re going to try to keep the shell in one piece with this egg drop experiment. Gather your supplies from […]

LEGO STEM for kids. Build a balloon powered boat in this building project for kids.

LEGO STEM Build a Balloon Powered Boat

LEGO STEM Build a Balloon Powered Boat Here’s another fun summer STEM project that gets kids excited to go outside. But first, start inside with that big pile of LEGOs you’re always stepping over! Today we’re showing you how to build a balloon powered boat from LEGOs. There’s no right or wrong way to build […]

Can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk on a hot summer day? Try this experiment from Green Kid Crafts!

Summer Science Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

Summer Science Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk “It’s so hot we could fry an egg on the sidewalk!” I know I’ve heard this growing up but guess what? I’ve never tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. Not only have I not tried this summer science experiment, I haven’t […]

Experiment with weather and water science by making this cool cloud in a jar. Watch it rain from the clouds for a cool water cycle experiment.

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar

Water Science Activity Cloud in a Jar We’re having fun with water science this month and today I’m sharing a cool cloud in a jar activity. We’ve been doing a lot of experiments with water and food coloring haven’t we? Today we’re adding shaving cream to our supply list and we’ll see what it looks […]

Make a diy bottle rocket from a plastic bottle. This would make a fun summer activity!

How to make a Rocket from a Plastic Bottle

DIY Rocket from a Bottle What do you do with all those empty plastic bottles when you’re done? Do you toss them in the trash, or better yet, the recycle bin? You can save a bottle or two for a fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) project. Get outdoors and make a diy bottle rocket! […]


DIY Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Fireworks

Fireworks are purely magical, aren’t they? The beautiful sparks of glitter and color that fill a night sky and light up the land. Literally magic. It is difficult to recreate actual fireworks, especially safely. One afternoon, though, my daughter and I combined STEM with imagination and created our own magical fireworks in a safer, more […]