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DIY Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Fireworks

Fireworks are purely magical, aren’t they? The beautiful sparks of glitter and color that fill a night sky and light up the land. Literally magic. It is difficult to recreate actual fireworks, especially safely. One afternoon, though, my daughter and I combined STEM with imagination and created our own magical fireworks in a safer, more […]

Traveling water experiment for kids. Make water travel on a string from one container to another like magic!

Water Science: Making Water Travel on a String

Traveling Water Experiment Is it possible to make water travel from one cup to another on a string? This experiment will show you how you can make water travel down the string without touching the ground, and into a different cup. Kids can make predictions, observe, and document the results of this traveling water experiment. […]

Water surface tension experiment for kids. Lean about water surface tension with this cool color mixing science project.

Water Surface Tension Experiment for Kids

Water Tension Experiment for Kids Has your child ever asked how water can take different forms and shapes such as raindrops or puddles? The liquid molecules in water change with outside forces such as gravity. You can observe water tension on coins with this fun water surface tension experiment. Supplies Coins Straws Water Plate Food Coloring […]

Learn about liquid density with a fun liquid layering experiment. Kitchen science experiments for kids.

Layering Liquids Density Experiment for Kids

Layering Liquids Experiment for Kids Teaching kids about density is fun when combined with a brightly colored liquids. You can find most of these liquids in your own home making this a simple kitchen science project for kids. Liquids that have more mass per unit volume, or in other words, a high density, will sink […]

Water cycle experiment for kids. Learn about the water cycle with a salt and water activity that shows kids the result of evaporation.

Learning about the Water Cycle with Salt

Water Cycle Salt Experiment Kids of all ages will enjoy learning about the water cycle with this simple salt and evaporation activity. During the water cycle evaporated water forms in the sky as clouds. The clouds expel the water as rain back down to the earth where it eventually evaporates into water vaper and rises […]

Water science experiemtn for kids. Race drops of water in this fun science activity. measure force, speed, and distance while havign fun with water play!

Water Science for Kids: Racing Water Drops

Water Science for Kids: Racing Water Drops Water science is a great way to keep kids learning through the summer break. Racing water drops is an easy activity that can be set up in a matter of minutes and the fun can last all afternoon! Supplies Parchment paper Markers Straws Water Spoon or eye dropper […]

5 epic volcano experiments that kids can do at home. Apple volcano, LEGO volcano, fall science experiment volcano, rainbow volcano and an underwater volcano!

Discover More: Volcanoes, Crystals, and Gems

Learn more about Volcanoes, Crystals, and Gems for kids with these fun and educational activities! This content supplements the projects and activities found inside our Green Kid Crafts Volcanoes Discovery Box. Green Kid Crafts delights tens of thousands of kids across North America each month with fun and eco-friendly craft and STEM activities delivered right to their […]

S.T.E.M. for kids! Use engineering skills to build a pool from materials found around the house. Learn about structures and materials with this cool STEM activity for kids.

Constructing a Swimming Pool STEM Activity for Kids

Constructing a Swimming Pool STEM Activity for Kids Build a cool swimming pool for toys! This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project is great for hot summer days, or as an indoor rainy day activity. Our swimming pool STEM activity gets kids actively engaged in critical thinking, predicting outcomes, and observing. Additionally, this project […]

10 Great Earth Day Activities for kids. Earth Day crafts for kids that will get them upcycling, recycling, and learning about the environment this earth month!

10 Great Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

10 Great Earth Day Activities for Kids Celebrate Earth month all April long with these fun Earth Day themed crafts and activities for kids. I’ve rounded up some of our favorites here on the Green Kid Crafts blog and also a few from other great websites. Pick just one or do all ten to celebrate […]

Spring giveaway! Green Kid Crafts and HABA Toys Green Together Giveaway!

Green Together Giveaway-Win Over $500 in Prizes!

Green Together Giveaway-Win Over $500 in Prizes! It’s time to celebrate spring with a huge giveaway from Green Kid Crafts and HABA Toys! We’re excited to give you a chance to win over $500 in prizes to celebrate our Green Together Giveaway. Prizes One winner will be selected and announced on Earth Day to win […]

DIY slime monsters activity for kids. A fun twist on making slime at home. Silly monsters craft for kids.

Slime Monsters Activity for Kids

DIY Slime Recipe for Kids Slime is all the rage right now and we decided to have fun with it by making slime monsters! Both kids and adults are making slime at home for play and to reduce feelings of stress and you can, too, with this fun twist on this popular learning activity. Let your pint-sized […]

DIY slime recipe for kids. Earth themed slime made without borax.

DIY Slime Recipe Earth Themed Slime

DIY Slime Recipe for Kids Slime is getting really popular these days. Both kids and adults are making slime at home for play and to reduce feelings of stress. Because I know we can all be a little more stress free, and because diy slime is just so fun, I’m sharing a special earth themed […]

Learn geography with a diy playdough earth activity! Build a model of the earth.

Playdough Geography Model of the Earth

  Playdough Play and Geography Learning through play is a great way to introduce earth science concepts. Today we’re playing with homemade playdough and making a diy model earth. We’ll count the continents, name the oceans, and talk about landmarks on each continent. Making playdough at home is a fun early learning activity that introduces […]

Free weather printables for kids. Check the weather each day and set your weather spinner to todays weather, match terms and pictures with weather vocabulary, and draw weather with weather with these weather activities for kids.

Weather Tracking Activity with Weather Printables

  Weather Tracking Activity with Weather Printables Spring is our favorite time to track weather because each day can be different from the weather the day before. In some areas winter weather is still hanging on through the first couple weeks of spring, while in other areas rain or sunshine are in the forcast. These […]

Make secret messages with mirros. Kids will love this fun experiment using mirrors to create secret messages.

How to make a Secret Message with Mirrors

Secret Messages with Mirrors Guest post written by Sarah from Share it! Science. Sarah is a science educator with over 10 years experience sharing science in nature and environmental centers, museums and schools. Follow Share it! Science on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+! This exploration of symmetry and mirrors is always a big hit whenever […]

Seed lifecycle activity with printable.

Seed Lifecycle Science Activity

Seed Science Lifecycle of a Seed We’ve started growing a bean seed in our little bean house and now it’s time to observe the seed lifecycle. This is a great nature science project that involves observation and data collection for kids. Expand on this activity by including artistic drawings of the bean lifecycle, disecting plant parts […]

Seed sprouting activity for kids. Grow a seed in a bean house with this free printable science activity.

Printable Bean House Seed Sprouting Activity

Bean House Seed Sprouting Activity We’re ready for spring here at Green Kid Crafts! Now is a great time to start thinking about your spring garden, what you’ll be planting, and learning about seeds. I’m sharing this fun seed sprouting activity that includes a printable bean house for your little sprout. The best part of […]

Specimen tube rain gauge experiment. Collect, predict and measure rainfall with this specimen tube science experiment for kids.

Specimen Tube DIY Rain Gauge Activity

DIY Rain Gauge for Kids Science experiments and specimen tubes seem to go hand in hand so when I was thinking up this diy rain gauge weather activity for kids I decided they’d be a perfect fit. We used plastic tubes that have cork stoppers but any specimen tubes will do for this activity. This […]

Candy conversation hearts science activity. Use candy hearts in this science experiment for kids!

Candy Heart Experiment with Free Printable

Candy Heart Experiment with Free Printables Do you have a few candy conversation heart left over from Valentine crafting or baking? Here’s a fun Valentine science experiment for kids to try at home! Candy Heart Valentine Science Experiment Ages: Preschool+ Duration: 30-45 minutes Key Skills: In this activity kids will focus on prediction and observation; […]

DIY light up Valentine. Make a simple circuit with this STEAM activity for kids. Free printable.

Simple Circuit Light Up Valentine

Simple Circuit Light Up Valentine This year my kids are making simple circuit light up Valentine’s for their teachers using a printable heart template. I think it’s so cute that I’m sharing the free printable with you too! But first you’ll need supplies to make a light bulb light up using batteries. It’s an easy […]

Calming lavender playdough recipe to make at home plus ten more scented playdough and paint diy recipes!

Calm Down Lavender Playdough Recipe

  10+ Scented Playdough and Paint DIY Recipes Making scented playdough and paint are fun DIY projects for sensory play, calm down time, and seasonal activities. We recently made scented lavender playdough for evening play to help the kids calm down before bed. The kids play with their homemade playdough while I read them a […]