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DIY Colorful Nightlight Box Project

Make a DIY nightlight from your Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box! Easy colorful light project for kids.

Make a DIY nightlight from your Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box! Easy colorful light project for kids.

DIY Colorful Nightlight Box Project

This month’s box project is all about color! Add a colorful touch to your child’s bedroom by making this nightlight from a Green Kid Crafts box. I couldn’t believe how easy this was with such a cool final result. So once you’re finished with your Green Kid Crafts kit activities this month, save your box  and make it into something useful!


  • Empty Green Kid Crafts box
  • Scissors
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Flashlight


diy nightlight

Cut a rectangle out of the bottom of your empty Green Kid Crafts box. Leave a frame of cardboard around the edges of the rectangle.


diy nightlight

Cut tissue paper into narrow strips the length of the box. We cut ours to be about 2″ wide.

Add glue around the edges of the rectangle where you left the frame of cardboard.


diy nightlight

Lay the tissue paper lengthwise across the box covering the cutout end to end. Rotate the colors of tissue or create a pattern with the colors.


diy nightlight

Trim excess tissue paper from the edges of the box.


diy nightlight

Set the nightlight on a tabletop and place a flashlight inside. Be sure the flashlight isn’t up again the tissue or sides of the box. See the light shine through the tissue creating a colorful nightlight?

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  1. Birdie Self says:

    These are FANTASTIC ideas. VERY creative – Ideas to make for my Grandkids.

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