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Building a Jelly Bean Structure for a Bunny

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Build A JellyBean Structure

Building a Jelly Bean Structure for a Bunny Easter STEM Project

Save some jelly beans from those Easter baskets and build a home for a marshmallow bunny! We’re gathering our supplies for a fun Easter STEM activity today that includes bright colors and yummy food.


Easter STEM

  • Large Jelly Beans
  • Toothpicks
  • Marshmallow Bunny

Jelly Bean Structures

Design a door way, windows and a roof for your marshmallow bunny. Let your imagination run wild or use our step by step directions below.


Easter STEM

Push the ends of the toothpicks into the jelly beans to attach them together. Create a line of two toothpicks and three jelly beans. Make a second line of jelly beans and toothpicks.


Easter STEM

Attach the two parts together with one toothpick on each end.


Easter STEM

Start building up with toothpicks and jelly beans by pushing the toothpicks into lower jelly beans and adding new jelly beans to the top.


Easter STEM

Does your marshmallow bunny fit inside the structure?

Easter STEM

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