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easy birdhouse craft for kids

Birdhouse Craft from a Box

Teach kids to give back to nature with this upcycled cardboard box birdhouse craft. We’re reusing our Green Kid Crafts box today and turning it into a home for birds!


  • 1 Empty Green Kid Crafts box
  • Painter’s tape
  • A sharp knife or scissors
  • Bird’s nesting supplies such as fabric scraps, small twigs, and yarn pieces.


diy birdhouse for kids

Cut a hole in the base of the box big enough for a bird to fit through. Ours is 2″ across.


cardboard birdhouse in progress

Cut a large square in the lid of the box leaving about two inches at the bottom and one around the edges.

Tape the lid closed.


easy birdhouse craft for kids underway

Place the box in an upright position on the end as shown in the pictures. Add the nesting supplies to the bottom of the box.


next steps for easy birdhouse craft for kids


cardboard birdhouse in the wild

Tape the box to a window where there isn’t a lot of loud noises and activity. The rectangle cut out should be facing inside the house.

Wait patiently for birds to discover the home you made for them.

As an alternative, you can leave the lid in one piece and place the birdhouse in your garden or on a tree branch.

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