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Printable New Year Goal Sheet-Eco-Friendly Goals for Kids

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Teach kids to help their environment in the new year with this fun goal planning printable for kids. Kids will pledge to help the earth, set their own goals for the new year, and be given tasks to complete as the year goes on such as planting a seed. #printablesforkids #kidsprintables

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Environment Goal Setting For Kids

The earth and environment is a precious gift that we have. Without us taking care of it, though, things will start to disintegrate and die. We will lose the fresh, beautiful earth that we have become accustomed to. That is why I wanted to introduce to my daughter ways that she, even at 6 years old, could help take care of the earth. Hence this environment goal planning printable packet for kids.

Materials Needed

  • Print The 3 Page Free Printable
  • Crayons or Colored Pencil
  • Writing Tool

When creating this printable packet, I tried to keep the activities fun so that kids will see how simple it can actually be to help take care of the earth.

What’s Included?

The first page is a pledge. I don’t think most 6 year olds will understand the concept of a contract or pledge, but I tried to explain that it helps us remember that we make a promise to take care of the earth as best as we can. I purposefully left the images black and white so that kids can color it.

goal planning printable

The second page has a list of easy things that can be done to help keep the earth healthy and safe. Some of those ideas include:

  • Don’t Waste Water
  • Don’t Waste Food
  • Make A Recycling Bin
  • Make A Rain Catcher
  • Plant A Seed
  • Plant Wildflowers Native To Your Home
  • Walk or Ride Bike When Possible

There are so many other ideas, these are just an example of what you’ll see on the printable.

goal planning printable for kids

The third page is a goal setting sheet. I included a space for older children to write their goals for the new year as well as a space for younger children to draw their goals. Print the three page packet below.


Although simple, these activities will help kids understand what they can do. Explain the importance of keeping the earth healthy.


Goal planning printable for kids

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