Helping Siblings Share Kits

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We’ve heard from a few parents who are nervous about the impact of having one Discovery Box arrive at their home when they have more than one child. This is exactly the reason we launched ‘sibling kits’ which, for just $10 more per month, deliver double the craft kits (a total of 6 individually bagged kits vs. 3 in our regular subscription plan). However, there are lots of families with multiple children who have a regular subscription and make it work… and make it work well! In fact, some consider it an extra teaching moment that is just built into their subscription.

I was reminded of this as I read a recent review from  The blog’s author MaryAnne was initially turned off by the idea of a subscription box because she didn’t want to deal with her kids fighting over who got to do what. But, when she received our Discovery Box she was happy to report that her kiddos shared the kit without any issues. She shares some great tips in her review.

If you’re concerned about sharing, craft kits or anything else, these are definitely worth a read! What are some of your tips for getting siblings to share? Leave us a comment and let us know.

(Plus there’s a discount code for Green Kid Crafts at the end of the post too! :))

Note: sibling options are available on our month-to-month, annual, and gift subscription plans.

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