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We’ve got some great ideas on gifts kids can make for mother’s day.  As a mom-run and mom-owned business, we know that any gift, any extra hug, any sweet gesture goes a long way.  We’ve pulled together our favorite kid-friendly homemade Mother’s Day gifts in this collection! Handmade gifts are so much more special, less expensive, and a great chance to teach your kids to have fun being creative while getting some hands-on activity time. Here are our picks, both simple and more complex.




How are we celebrating Mother’s Day?

Well, we don’t know about you, but in our new 2022 reality, it’s felt like a neverending Spring.  And for mother’s day, we’ve been looking for ways to recharge.

Here’s a recent snap from our founder, Penny Bauder, recharging with her mom-friends in a driveway social distancing party.

Happy mother’s day, mother’s day weekend, and mother’s day month to everyone!