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Nature Painting Kids Art Project

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Paint with nature! Gather supplies from your own backyard to make a work of art. #preschoolcrafts #artprojects #kidsart

What can you do with all those pinecones and leaves your child collects while playing outside? Use them as natural paintbrushes to create art! I opened my preschooler’s lunch bag the other day to find four small leaves that had dried and turn a deep red brown. I know she spotted them on the ground while playing and had to save them for something special. Creating art with natural materials is a fun way to get kids connecting with nature!

This project can be done any time of year but because we painted during the fall months we used red, orange and yellow paint colors. Pastels would make pretty springtime art, bright colors are fun for summer, and use cool blues and silver for winter.


nature painting

  • Paint- I chose to use fall colors but you could use any colors!
  • Paper
  • Rocks
  • Sticks
  • Pinecones
  • Leaves
  • We even used a fake pumpkin!

There’s almost no limit to what your kids can use for nature painting so let them explore outside and find their own treasures. Each season offers their own natural materials to use as paintbrushes. We used dried leaves, twigs and pinecones for fall, but think of what you can use during the other three seasons of the year! Fresh flowers and leaves for spring and summer, and evergreen tree branches for winter. Stuck inside because of rain or snow? Use artificial flowers and berries!


nature painting

Creating art with natural materials is a good child-led activity. Let your kids choose what colors they want for their painting, which objects they’ll be painting with, and then let them enjoy the process.

nature painting

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nature painting

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