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Magic Banana: Sliced In Pieces Before It’s Even Peeled!

By August 10, 2022One Comment

magic banana trick

Magic Banana: Sliced In Pieces Before It’s Even Peeled!

Peel a magic banana to reveal that it has been sliced already! How is this even possible? This is an easy trick that kids can do to trick family and friends, though they may need a little help from a grown-up. This trick is part of our magic science series here on our DIY page. Be sure to tag us on Instagram using #greenkidcrafts so we can see your kids having fun with these magic activities!


  • Banana
  • Sewing Needle or Pin

magic banana


  1. Push the needle in the banana at a well-concealed spot and wiggle it up and down inside the banana. This will create a cut across the banana. Keep the hole as small as possible where the needle is inserted.
  2. Repeat the process down the side of the banana to create as many slices as you’d like. Once you’re done you should only be able to see tiny holes in a line along the banana peel.

magic banana

The Trick

Set the banana on a table and tell your audience that you can slice the banana without peeling it first. Cover the banana with a cloth or paper towel, say some magic words, and remove the cloth. Peel the banana to reveal the slices!

magic banana


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