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How to make Homemade Butter with Kids

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How to make homemade butter with kids.

Making Homemade Butter with Kids

For many children, the idea that butter comes from somewhere other than just the local grocery store is probably a surprising one. That is why making butter with kids is sure to fascinate and intrigue! Before you make homemade butter with kids, take some time to discuss what butter is made of, and the origin of the main ingredient – heavy cream. Kids may be surprised to learn that everyday food items like milk, cheese and butter are made from the milk of a cow.

You can make butter in different ways. Here we explore using a food processor, which is super easy, or by “churning” it the old-fashioned way.

Food processor method:


  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt


  1. Pour cream into a food processor or blender. Process for 10 minutes, or until the butter separates. Strain off the liquid. Season to taste with salt if you like. Press butter into a small bowl with the back of a spoon to further remove liquid.

By hand “churning” method:


  • Glass jar with a lid
  • Heavy cream or heavy whipping cream
  • Salt


  1. Pour enough heavy cream or heavy whipping cream into the glass jar so that the jar is filled approximately 3/4 of the way to the top. Screw the lid on tightly!
  2. Now it is time to start shaking (which is really just churning the butter)!
  3. Once the butter has solidified, rinse the butter gently under lukewarm water to remove the whey. You can also add a little salt at this point.

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