Green Kid Crafts plants one tree for each online order

One Tree Planted For Each Order

At Green Kid Crafts, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and giving back to local communities that need an extra helping hand. We hope you’ll join us in transforming each Green Kid Crafts’ purchase into a meaningful experience!

In conjunction with our partner One Tree Planted, we plant one tree for every online order. Not only does this service allow you to provide your child with screen-free fun and learning with our STEAM subscription boxes, but you’ll be helping us to reforest hundreds of acres of barren and devastated land across the globe.

Forget getting down and dirty. By partnering with Green Kid Crafts,  you’ll have the opportunity to change the planet for the good – without lifting a finger.

Cause marketing one tree for each order

Saving the planet, one tree at a time

Why Planting Trees Helps our Planet

It might not be easy being green, but it is important to the survival of our planet. Read on to learn about how your Green Kid Crafts purchase is helping the planet.

one tree planted for each order
We plant a tree for every purchase

Trees reverse the damage we do with carbon emissions and reduce the effects of climate change. Through their leaves and bark, trees absorb harmful pollutants and carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen into the atmosphere.

Deforestation of trees is hugely detrimental for biodiversity. Hundreds of species of insects, fungi, mammals and plants make trees their homes. Different animals require different habitats to live in, so by planting more trees, we are taking steps to safeguard our planet’s species.

While the forestry industry provides a multitude of job opportunities, humans also rely on sustainable tree farming to provide wood and materials for shelter, cooking and heating.

Join now from $24.99/month and get a box of screen-free fun and plant a tree at the same time!