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Paper Plate Sundial Craft Project

By August 15, 2021No Comments

paper plate sundial craft

Create a Sundial Craft

Are you aware of how the sun moves across the sky every day? Making this simple sundial inspired in us all sorts of scientific observations!

diy sundial for kids


  • Paper plate
  • Straw
  • Crayons
  • Pushpins
  • Pencil

Sundial Craft step 1

Step 1: Put the number “12” on the top of the paper plate with a crayon. Proceed with the rest of the numbers on a clock.

Sundial Craft step 2

Step 2: Punch a hole in the center of the plate. Then insert the straw.

diy sundial for kids in progress

Step 3: Close to noon put the sundial in the sun and tack it down with push pins. The straw should cast a shadow pointing to the 12.

completed paper plate sundial

Check throughout the day and explain to the kids how the sun helps us know the time.

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