Become an Activist 3-Pack


Only at Green Kid Crafts will you find a collection like this!  The Become an Activist Back to School Special 3-Pack includes Rainforest Science, Climate Change, and Ocean Science.  It is full of science, creativity, technology, and a whole lot of fun. For kids ages 4-10+.

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Rainforest Science: With our Rainforest Science Discovery Box kids will create their own bouncing rubber ball, learn about the science of sound by creating their own rainstick, jungle drums, and string-a-ling, conduct a rainforest pollution experiment, build a rainforest terrarium and make cookies using ingredients found in the rainforest.

Climate Change: Our Climate Change Discovery Box includes the following activities and projects: A greenhouse gas experiment kit, an ocean acidification and pH experiment kit,  a tree disk amulet craft that teaches kids through art that trees are one of our biggest natural allies in the fight against climate change, a solar lights engineering kit, and a melting glacier and sea ice experiment kit.

Ocean Science: With our Ocean Science Discovery Box kids will make their own “motion ocean” while learning about density and ocean wave formation, design coral reef bubble paintings, “save” felt sea life caught in nets and learn about bycatch, create a mock oil spill and learn about oil spill science, and make glowing jellyfish for bath time.  Also included is a bonus full-size wall map of the world’s oceans!

Educational, Fun, and STEAM-Focused

Each box is carefully designed by experts for educational quality and tested by kids to make sure they’re fun. This box fits easily and supplements your at-home STEAM* curriculum, and we’re proud to have supported thousands of homeschoolers and educational institutions over the years.

What’s Special About Green Kid Crafts?

Found by a Mom With a Mission

Penny Bauder wanted to spend time on creative and meaningful activities with her kids – but so many crafts seemed so wasteful and time-consuming to organize.

Boxed & Kitted With Love in San Diego, California

Each Green Kid Crafts box contains 4-6 activities and are carefully kitted by hand by our warehouse team in Sunny San Diego

Sustainable by Design

Green Kid Crafts is a green and sustainable business, drawing from Penny’s experiences as an environmental scientist, pictured here researching in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

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