Color Science Box

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Our Color Science Discovery Box contains FIVE award-winning Creativity and STEAM Science Kits! Your pint-sized color scientist will learn about color phenomena with these fun learning kits including: Spin Art Kit, Absorption Science Kit, Color Mixing Kit, Blending Colors Canvas, Homemade Paint Kit and more!

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STEAM Learning: Color Science Box

Our Color Science Discovery Box contains FIVE award-winning Creativity and STEAM Science Kits! Your pint-sized color scientist will learn about color phenomena with these fun learning kits including: Spin Art Kit, Absorption Science Kit, Color Mixing Kit, Blending Colors Canvas, Homemade Paint Kit, and more! This Discovery Box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards.

  • Educational, Fun, and STEAM-focused

Each color science box is carefully designed by experts for educational quality and tested by kids to make sure they’re fun.  This box fits easily and supplements your at-home STEAM* curriculum, and we’re proud to have supported thousands of homeschoolers and educational institutions over the years.

*STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math

  • Why Green Kid Crafts?

We’re the only maker of green, sustainable, and our themes will include topics on conservation, sustainability, and protecting our planet.  Our boxes are made with sustainable and recyclable materials as much as possible, our business is sustainable and our team is grassroots. Big-hearted and eco-friendly – we care about the planet and that shows through in all parts of our business.  From our boxes with topics such as conservation and endangered animals to planting a tree with every purchase.  We’re on a mission to empower the next generation of environmental leaders for a better outcome.

  • Award-Winning Crafts

Our program has won a variety of awards including Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products, Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, Red Tricycle’s for Most Awesome Subscription Service, PTPA Seal of Approval, Green America’s People & Planet Award, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award, Eco-Excellence Award, MACT Green Award, MACT Excellence Award, and more.

Join Green Kid Crafts today and help us empower the next generation of environmental leaders!

WARNING: Product may contain chemicals that may be harmful if misused. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision.


10 reviews for Color Science Box

  1. Great intro for young ones

    Great intro for young ones into the scientific method and experimentation. Experiments had a good wow factor and the grand-kids (7 years old) liked writing down their observations like real scientists would do. This kit is a great hands-on experience… I highly recommend!!

  2. Great experiments

    This kit is a lot of fun. The materials included are of good quality, the instructions are easy to follow, and the projects work as they are supposed to. I was able to make some of them into actual experiments, but having the kids follow the scientific method to predict what they thought would happen. Most are not really experiments though. My 9 and 11 year olds had a lot of fun with this kit, and we had some really great conversations about about scientific concepts too.

  3. Excpectional

    Green Kid Crafts is an exceptional company. We love all the boxes but especially this one. My kids really like the spin art kit in this box.

  4. Educational and Creative

    I wanted something educational that was also filled with fun and encouraged creativity. This fit the bill!

  5. Good for grandkids

    I got this for my going-on-five-year-old granddaughter. She loves “projects” with her grandparents or parents, and I had this one sent to her at home. We didn’t sit down and do them all at the same time. I liked that this box offered multiple opportunities to do the activities.

  6. Patrick MJ

    Our eight year old loves science and experiments and is a sucker for these at-home kits. This was a great one and it included lots of different projects — better than the other ones we’ve tried

  7. Kelly

    While the supplies themselves could mostly be easily acquired for less elsewhere, the clear, step-by-step instructions and ease and appeal of the offered experiments, where most can be done in less than 15 minutes, makes this ideal for science-loving kids!

  8. Renee

    We bought this for our 7 year old daughter as a gift for Christmas. Most of the experiments are pretty easy to do. We enjoyed watching her face as the different reactions happened. Overall I think this is a good product for opening the door for little science seekers.

  9. Nicholas

    the niece and nephew love these activities and this one was no exception, ages 6 and 4, they were each equally entertained.

  10. April Conover

    My 6 year old son was able to do a lot of the experiments, but, of course, Dad could not resist helping. We had a great time together. I would recommend that you buy it. Its fun!

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