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Get ready for our Ocean Science Discovery Box! With this box, your pint-sized oceanographers will go on a journey to the deep blue sea with SIX different projects. They’ll make their own “motion ocean” while learning about density and ocean wave formation, design coral reef bubble paintings, “save” felt sea life caught in nets and learn about bycatch, create a mock oil spill and learn about oil spill science, and make glowing jellyfish for bath time.  Also included is a bonus full size wall map of the world’s oceans! For ages 5+

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Educational, Fun, and STEAM-Focused

Each box is carefully designed by experts for educational quality and tested by kids to make sure they’re fun. This box fits easily and supplements your at-home STEAM* curriculum, and we’re proud to have supported thousands of homeschoolers and educational institutions over the years.

What's Special About Green Kid Crafts?

Found by a Mom With a Mission

Penny Bauder wanted to spend time on creative and meaningful activities with her kids – but so many crafts seemed so wasteful and time-consuming to organize.

Boxed & Kitted With Love in San Diego, California

Each Green Kid Crafts box contains 4-6 activities and are carefully kitted by hand by our warehouse team in Sunny San Diego

Sustainable by Design

Green Kid Crafts is a green and sustainable business, drawing from Penny’s experiences as an environmental scientist, pictured here researching in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

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10 reviews for Ocean Science

  1. Marisa M

    My boys loved making the mini aquarium and I really liked the inclusion of the wall map. During shipping one of the containers of paint came open and soaked everything inside that activity. Maybe look into stronger paint containers,?

  2. Lacie

    The projects were simple and very interesting. I really liked this theme for this time of year.

  3. Mary

    Impressed with the variety of activities-so fun!

  4. Great Husband Helper

    I liked that I could hand the bag of projects to my husband and with your directions, he was able to do do them with our children and feel confident.

  5. Nice job

    I was surprised by the amount of activities and materials inside the box. All of the activities included easy to follow instructions and were very entertaining for everyone.

  6. High interest theme

    This was a high interest subject for my daughter. She is always excited to see what is going to come in her next box.

  7. Deborah

    We had a great time, drawing, cutting out and fishing for our sea creatures.

  8. Kids were so excited

    We loved that my kids were so so excited to do their crafts and it captured their attention for more than 10 seconds

  9. Supermom

    My girls had most fun with the fishing activity. The wave bottle was great for the first day or two but the water balloon fish have either deflated, leaked or expanded somehow and it is very difficult to see any wave action any more.

  10. Michael Galley (verified owner)

    This box was amazing !!! My 5 year old son and I had so much fun . He created and designed his own felt fish, put together the rod and went fishing . Since there was plenty of paint , my little guy painted the inside of the box blue to make it more like the ocean , he also used the paint to make a coral reef inside the box as well , as that was another project in this kit to do on the paper. This kept his attention for quite some time and then he made the motion ocean and added that into his little deep blue sea world he created. He loves the motion ocean so much he even took in his bath later that day he wanted to know if it would sink or float. This box got him asking some questions and sparked his interest in the ocean , which he never showed any prior interest in.

    Days later he still plays with his creations and wants to know more about the ocean and everything in it.
    The oil spill project was extremely fun , I let my son make a huge mess in the kitchen which he calls his science laboratory. The oil spill did not stay in the bowl . That’s my fault because I encouraged him to make a huge mess , because it’s fun and we had a blast while learning something important. After we completed this project my son was inspired to pour all the different liquids into the bowl and mix them together . So in went the water and soap and some of the left over paint. he then painted with it on the extra papers that came with the box . The oil spill kept us busy for close to an hour and my son was pretending to be a mad scientist , mixing and concocting , spilling and painting. Again , this was because I encouraged the mess , if you do not want your child to make a mess , this activity can be easily contained to the bowl.

    We also made the glowing jellyfish project and that went in the bath tub , my son got to “swim” with the glowing jellyfish . We turned off the light for a couple mins to really appreciate the experience.

    This was an epic box and I highly recommend it. All the activities were so much fun and best of all, inspiring !!!

    I Would also like to add that this company truly cares about their customers. Thank you Green kids Crafts .

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