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We have created an Ultimate STEM Learning Pack that will inspire your young learner with SIX creative and educational STEM Discovery Boxes! This pack includes the Sweet Science, Slime Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Music Science, and Intro to Electricity Discovery Boxes.

With the Sweet Science Box, kids will explore chemical and physical changes of candy, discover the crystallizing properties of sugar, and gain experience with measurements, conversions, volumes, & weights. This fun box includes six different experiments including: gummy bear osmosis, rocky candy creation, floating letters and solubility experiment, fizzy fun and more! In the Slime Lab Box, young chemists will experiment by creating different kinds of slime: black chalkboard slime, glow-in-the-dark slime, fluffy slime, slime fish, and slimy glow worms. In the Save Our Oceans Box, young marine biologists will learn about how pollution impacts the oceans and the marine biology of our precious seas with the following kits: ocean zones model, ocean water pressure and Boyle’s Law Experiments, a make-your-own bioplastics kit, and biodegradable packing peanuts experiments. In our Chemistry Lab Box kids will explore the amazing science behind chemical reactions! Young chemists will experiment with polymers through growing animal figurines, create and be amazed by string slime, and learn all about pH with a red cabbage indicator pH kit. The Music Science Box includes SIX more kits. Kids will make their own maracas, finger cymbals, ankle bells, box guitar and two different kinds of kazoos, and conduct experiments sound waves, frequency, volume and vibration.  Finally,  with the Intro to Electricity Box, kids will build an electric propeller car, learn how motors work, connect circuits, and engineer their own fiber optic lights. Each box comes with its own 12-page S.T.E.A.M. magazine full of comics, games, puzzles, and more learning opportunities.


7 reviews for Ultimate STEM Learning Pack

  1. 7yo son loved it

    I initially bought this for my 7yo son for his 6th birthday. He absolutely LOVED it! Him and his older 9yo brother spent days creating and learning.

  2. Easy and educational

    I ran a STEAM camp and had these kits for the students. They LOVED them. Everything was easy to build and worked well. Quality products and very engaging!

  3. Engineer approved

    My engineer husband is having so much fun with this and teaching our daughter how to build things. I’m pretty sure he enjoys this more 🙂 great toy and a lot of fun to play with.

  4. Amazing Kit

    It was a huge hit with my 8 year old twins over summer break. I took out a box whenever they were bored and we all enjoyed all the different themes and projects. We still have some boxes left for a rainy day.

  5. Fun STEM kits for kids!!

    This is a pretty cool set with over 25 STEM projects. Each project is package separately with all the parts (including screws, LED lights, motor, etc..) in its own ziplock bag. The parts look well-made and of nice quality materials. The projects are fun and interactive and it comes with a cool STEM magazine on the box theme with both text and pictures.

  6. Well worth the money & nicely packaged

    This is a wonderful set to get your kids to think. So far they only have the Slime Lab and Rocket Science finished but are working on more. This is the only kind of activity that will get them away from the video games and to use their hands and brain and make something the at they can feel proud of. We haven’t run into any issues and it seems pretty easy for them to figure out on their own (They are 7 and 8). Good quality and good value for the money.

  7. Self confidence booster

    Love this kit for both boys and girls. My 8 year old loves these kits. I like how they’re prepackaged so she can pull out the kit and use the instructions to assemble independently. Huge self confidence booster and a neat and useful stem project. I recommend these kits all the time. Very happy with this purchase.

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