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Ultimate STEAM 5-Pack Discovery Ages 5-12


Let your young learners explore a broad range of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics with our Ultimate STEAM Discovery 5-Pack! This special, limited edition pack includes Soaring Into Flight, Slime Science, Color Science, Outer Space, and Alternative Energy. It is full of Science, Creativity, Crafts, and a whole lot of Fun. Designed for kids ages 5-10, but enjoyed by families of all ages. Great for Groups and Schools.


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Soaring Into Flight

Calling all kids who dream of flying someday! Play with flight and learn about flying, thrust, and air resistance with our Soaring into Flight Discovery Box! Learn about airplane and hovercraft design and how to tinker with flying machines to make them fly best through the sky. Includes the following projects: Homemade Hovercraft, Bernoulli’s Experiment, Wooden Airplane Kit, Glider Kit, DIY Paper Airplane Kit (with 3 different designs), and Dragonfly Spinner Kit.

soaring into flight box

Slime Science

Explore the amazing science behind slime! Discover the excitement of science, technology, engineering, art and math with our hands-on Slime Lab Box. Young chemists will experiment and flex their chemistry and doodling muscles by creating four kinds of slime. Create black chalkboard slime and doodle on it with the included chalkboard art markers.  Make another batch of slime with glow powder to create glow-in-the-dark slime. Make fluffy slime, slime fish, and glow worms and test alternative slime recipes using conditioner and gelatin.

Slime Lab

Color Science

Our Color Science Discovery Box contains FIVE award-winning Creativity and STEAM Science Kits! Your pint-sized color scientist will learn about color phenomena with these fun learning kits including: Spin Art Kit, Absorption Science Kit, Color Mixing Kit, Blending Colors Canvas, Homemade Paint Kit and more!

color science box

Alternative Energy

With our Alternative Energy learning system, kids will get a hands-on, entertaining education about what green energy means. Our Alternative Energy Discovery Box includes the following activities and projects: a fruit-powered digital clock kit, which demonstrates  the power behind chemical energy, a paddle boat kit to teach kids about hydropower, a solar fan that really works and a color changing UV bracelet to aid in solar power discussions, and a pinwheel project which illustrates the concepts behind wind power.

alternative energy box

Outer Space

Our Outer Space Box contains tons of award-winning STEAM science and craft Kits! Your pint-sized astronomers will develop problem-solving and observation skills as they learn about the solar system. Projects include a rocket balloons kit, a space sand kit, a planetarium kit, and a moon calendar project. This Discovery Box celebrates thinking, questioning and original creation with fun and creative projects that will have everyone tinkering and playing long afterwards.

Educational, Fun, and STEAM-Focused

Each box is carefully designed by experts for educational quality and tested by kids to make sure they’re fun. This box fits easily and supplements your at-home STEAM* curriculum, and we’re proud to have supported thousands of homeschoolers and educational institutions over the years.

What’s Special About Green Kid Crafts?

Found by a Mom With a Mission

Penny Bauder wanted to spend time on creative and meaningful activities with her kids – but so many crafts seemed so wasteful and time-consuming to organize.

Boxed & Kitted With Love in San Diego, California

Each Green Kid Crafts box contains 4-6 activities and are carefully kitted by hand by our warehouse team in Sunny San Diego

Sustainable by Design

Green Kid Crafts is a green and sustainable business, drawing from Penny’s experiences as an environmental scientist, pictured here researching in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

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