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The weather crafts inside this Weather Science Discovery Box are sure to turn any child into a mini meteorologist as they create their very own Weather Station, Cloud Finder, and Wind Sock. They’ll have a blast creating their own, unique weather instruments, then continue the fun as they track and measure the weather patterns using their handcrafted tools.

13 reviews for Weather Science Box

  1. Borui

    The wind sock project was clever with the addidition of the wind scale reading.

  2. Trish

    My daughter wants to be a weatherman and was in heaven with this box. She puts on morning weather shows for us every day now. Lol!

  3. Jack

    We didn’t have enough velcro dots in our box to finish the weather station

  4. kimberly

    After getting this box, my son said “this is the best day of my life.” THANK YOU

  5. Jeni

    Thanks Green Kid Crafts for the rainy-day fun and learning!!

  6. Karen

    Full of such awesome projects. Love that you are teaching my kids all about weather science. The cloud finder was my daughter’s favorite.

  7. Jalyn

    My son wants to be a meterologist when he grows up. This box was just perfect for him.

  8. Sylvain

    Perfect for this time of year. You always have such great themes.

  9. Betsy

    The sibling box is amazing!! Two set of each projects so my kids can both do the activities. We ve been subscribers of Green Kid for over a year and love this company.

  10. Patricia

    My daughter wants to be a weatherman and was in heaven with this box.

  11. Jenna

    My son uses his weather station every morning

  12. Keri

    We enjoyed the science aspect of this box. I like that more and more of your boxes are focusing on STEM

  13. Lana Wertz (verified owner)

    Our 4 year old granddaughter loved this and uses it to monitor weather a lot. Love the windsock now hanging in tree!

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