recycled newspaper picture frame

DIY Crafts: Newspaper Picture Frame

Try this easily recycled newspaper picture frame for your next holiday or family gift made with things you already have at home.

Newspapers pile up fast but many of us keep receiving them because we love to check out the weekly deals. Instead of tossing them into the recycling bin make something useful!








collage-2016-06-22 (2)


  1. Cut stacks of newspaper into 3 strips. (width of strips will be the length of the sticks)
  2. Roll each strip around a pencil, laying down a stripe of glue as you go.
  3. Take care to avoid getting glue on the pencil which will make it difficult to remove
  4. Anchor the edge of the page with glue to the stick you’ve made and remove the pencil.
  5. Cut the lengths to size and glue them together or onto a piece of cardstock for backing.
  6. Insert photo before sticking the frame down unless you’re leaving a mat edge between the photo and frame.


More Ideas for your Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame

Consider stacking more newspaper rolls for a 3d effect or give it a light coat of spray paint for a finished look. If you leave your frame unpainted, look for interesting pages that have color or content which the recipient might enjoy. We made this frame for Father’s Day and used sporting goods store ads and movie reviews. Remember, any scraps leftover can go in your compost!

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