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STEM at the Beach Build a Sandcastle City

By June 16, 2022June 20th, 2022No Comments

STEM at the Beach Build a Sandcastle City

Beach STEM Build a Sandcastle City

Designing and building a sand castle city while playing at the beach makes a fun learning activity on a warm afternoon. Together, kids can decide what they want their city to look like, which buildings will be included, and where roads will lead. They can draw a plan on paper or just head to the beach and design as they build!


  • Sand and the Beach
  • Shells
  • Rocks
  • Sand Pails and Shovels

Building a Sandcastle City

The easiest sand to work with when building sand castles is semi-wet sand. My kids usually choose an area mid-way to the shore where the sand is still wet but the water doesn’t reach. If the sand isn’t wet enough they use their buckets to pour water over the dry areas. Building closer to the water also means that any waterways or roads you build may fill up with water on their own, something my kids really like when they’re planning a city.


  1. Start by building a few sand castles in a group
  2. Connect the castles by creating waterways or roads with a shovel or your hands.
  3. Add bridges, more buildings, and mountains to your city.



My kids added homes with pools, bridges, and other fun additions to their sand castle city. They worked without a pre-planned design and had a great afternoon playing in the sand and water. Their sandcastles attracted more kids along the beach and I’m sure if it wasn’t time for us to head home, they all would have joined in the fun.


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