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Shapes and Structures

Shapes and Structures

Our whole world is made up of shapes and with our Shapes and Structures box, children can explore all the ways shapes come together to create the objects around them. The five activities in this box allow kids to play with shapes and colors to develop new ways of describing and classifying our world.

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Educational Videos

If you’ve got a little one with an insatiable curiosity, these Kid-Friendly videos might be just what they need!


Activities for At-Home Learning

Want to take your kids’ learning further? You’re in luck!
At Green Kid Crafts we were blogging before blogging was a thing. We’ve got DIY activities for days to keep your kids entertained.
Below you’ll find ideas related to the theme of this box.

More At-Home Learning Resources

We’ve collected and curated even more ways for kids to learn about Shapes and Structures!
Podcasts, books, environmental organizations, educational initiatives, and more.

Worth a Listen

Worth a Listen

Learn all about cuttlefish, – the ultimate shape shifters, in this episode of Brains On.

On this episode – of Wow in the World, the hosts explore the cubic shape of wombat poop

Stories for Kids Podcast – All Shapes, Colors, and Sizes
Listen to how shapes can get along despite their differences and be inclusive of all shapes and sizes.

Good Reads

Tangled, A Story about Shapes by Anne Miranda. – A super cute story about 17 different shapes all trying to help each other out of the jungle gym. It’s a nice story to learn shapes and remember how nice it is to try and help others.

I Spy with My Little Eye by Paula Vasquez. – An adorable board book that inspires imagination around shapes and how to see them in the real world, this book teaches colors, shapes, and creativity.

Triangle by Mac Barnett. – This beautifully illustrated book is the first in a trilogy about shapes in a wonderfully woven story. Kids will be engaged with the artwork and the introduction of all different shapes throughout the story.

Environmental Causes


Kids Think Design promotes design thinking and showcased kids design artwork. – The site also teaches children about the use of shape and color in all types of design work.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get kids involved in giving back check out Crayon Collection. – They’re saving crayons from landfills and sharing the joy of art education with kids around the world. Kids are encouraged to create cards to send with their donations and they can explore how to integrate shape into their drawings.

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