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Solar Eclipse Art Activity for Kids

By November 25, 2021December 6th, 2021No Comments

solar eclipse art


Solar Eclipse Art

Teach kids about what happens during a solar eclipse with this fun art activity. Little ones can paint their own sun and moon to make an eclipse at home. Once you’ve finished using the sun and moon to learn about the process of an eclipse, glue them to a piece of construction paper and hang them up as a work of art.


  • 2 Paper plates
  • Yellow and Black Paint
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Trim a bit of the edge around one paper plate. This will be the moon and needs to be slightly smaller than the sun.
  2. Paint the trimmed plate like the moon.
  3. Paint the second full-sized plate as the sun.
  4. Let the sun and the moon dry.

exclipse art

eclipse art

eclipse art

Teaching Kids about the Solar Eclipse

Teach kids the process of the solar eclipse by slowly sliding the moon across the sun. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the earth and the sun. During a total solar eclipse, the process can take a couple of hours and during that time parts of the earth will experience darkness. The darkness occurs because the moon is blocking the sun’s light to the earth. Totality estimations are made for certain areas where the eclipse will cause the sunlight to be blocked. 100% totality means the sunlight will be fully blocked and the area on earth will experience a night sky in the middle of the day!

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