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straw pan flute

Music Craft for Kids: Straw Pan Flute

This simple straw pan flute project is a great way for kids to experience and explore sound!

Straw pan flute

Supplies:  9 straws (or more), scissors, and clear tape

Straw pan flute

Step one:  Line up the straws evenly on the top and tape them securely.

Straw pan flute


Straw pan flute

Try different lengths and arrangements. Try creating a double pan flute and hear the harmonies. Talk to your kids about what happens to the sound when the straw is longer or shorter. If you have straws of different widths, what happens to the sound? What if you cut a tiny hole on one of the straws and then cover it and uncover it as you play? Depending on your kid’s age you can talk about anything from music to math to physics. Not too bad for a bunch of straws you had laying around the house, right? 🙂

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