String Laser Maze

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Mission: Fun! Transform simple string into a string laser maze obstacle course that’ll have your spy kids twisting & turning their way to solving crimes.

string laser maze

Supplies: Red string or streamers, scissors, tape, a hallway.

hallway laser maze fun

Step 1: Cut string or streamers long enough to fit from wall to wall of the hallway.

kids playing in string laser maze

Step 2: Tape the string diagonally, horizontally, and vertically all down the hallway.

dodging under hallway laser maze

Step 3: Let your kiddos find a way through the maze without touching any of the “lasers.” Jeremiah and Lainey played with this for hours, finding different ways to get through. Their favorite way to conquer the maze was sliding on their bellies. I wanted them to have to find different ways to get through, so I taped some more string closer to the ground. They still found their way after a few tries though! Lainey said she “felt like a real spy.” This craft is so much fun for the kids!

fun times with hallway laser maze

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