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Fun Summer Science: Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

By May 1, 2024June 2nd, 2024No Comments

Frying an egg on the Sidewalk

Summer Science: Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

“It’s so hot we could fry an egg on the sidewalk!” I know I’ve heard this growing up but guess what? I’ve never tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. Not only have I not tried this summer science experiment, I haven’t seen anyone else try it either. Which got me thinking…can you really fry an egg on a sidewalk with only the heat from the sun?

I asked our science project contributor to test this idea out with her kids, and what they discovered is pretty cool. An egg can actually be fried on a sidewalk on a hot summer day! This summer science experiment for kids makes a great prediction, observation and documentation project. Making a prediction, observing an experiment, and documenting your findings are key elements in the scientific method.


  • Egg
  • Pot/Pan
  • Aluminum foil


How to Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

  1. Choose a VERY hot a sunny day for this project
  2. Crack your egg in your pot
  3. Cover it with aluminum foil to increase the heat inside the pot
  4. Place pot on the sidewalk with the most sun exposure possible
  5. Fry that egg!





Now what? It’s important to throw the egg away because it won’t be cooked all the way through. Kids might think it’s okay to eat the egg so make sure this is a supervised summer science activity that can be tossed in the trash afterwards.

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