Tin Can Basketball

Backyard Games for Kids Tin Can Basketball

Play a game of basketball in your own backyard with recycled and found materials. Kids not only get to play the game, but they also get to build their basketball hoop and paint the basketball! Tin can basketball is a good activity for a playdate, siblings, or have a family basketball game. Use smaller tin cans for a higher level of difficulty and larger tin cans for an easier game of basketball.


  • Orange paint
  • Rocks
  • Paintbrush
  • Black paint or marker
  • Tin soup can



  1. Take your rocks and paint them orange, let dry
  2. When dry, paint or draw lines like a basketball on the rocks
  3. Place your can a few feet away
  4. Toss rocks into the can



Now get out there and play! How many times can you get the rock in the “hoop” to score a point?


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