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Tin Can Telephones

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tin can telephone

Sound Wave Experiment: Tin Can Telephones

With this fun experiment, kids will not only be able to talk to each other through handmade tin can telephones, they will also learn first-hand how sound waves travel!

Supplies:  twine, two empty tin cans of equal size, paint, nail and hammer

Tin can telephones

Step one: paint each can the colors of your choice.

Tin can telephones

Step two:  pound a nail into  the top of each can – adult only please

Step three:  tie the twine through the hole in each can, securing it in a knot inside the can.

Tin can telephones

Step four:  have your children stand far apart from each other, holding the hemp tight.

Tin can telephones

**To work the string needs to be pulled tight so the sound vibrations can travel from one can to the other.  Amazingly, they will be able to hear each other through each end of the can while learning first-hand how sound waves travel!

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