Magic Rubber Pencil Trick

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Create the illusion that you've turned a regular pencil into a rubber pencil with just your hand! Cute magic trick for kids.

Turn a Regular Pencil into Rubber Pencil

Sometimes just a trick of the eye can make people think you’ve done something incredible! We aren’t really turning a pencil to rubber in this activity, but it sure looks like it! This might be the most simple magic experiment we’re sharing yet with just one needed supply. Tell your audience that you can turn a pencil to rubber with just your hand. Will they believe you?


  • Pencil

rubber pencil

How to make the Pencil look like its has turned to Rubber

  1. Hold the pencil by the tip with a pincher grasp. It should be held loosely between the thumb and index finger.
  2. Move your hand up and down while holding the pencil horizontally.

rubber pencil

It should look like it has turned to rubber!

rubber pencil

Why does it look like the Pencil has turned to Rubber?

The pencil tip is moving slower than the pencil end which tricks your brain into seeing the pencil bending like rubber. The whole pencil becomes a little blurry and your brain can’t make sense of it!

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