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As parents, we know that children are constantly learning and absorbing the world around them. And while many of us continue to stay at home this fall, there’s no better time to remember that some of our children’s most wonderful discoveries can happen right in your own neighborhood.

This fall, we’re launching a new STEAM learning opportunity to celebrate the discoveries that happen at home every day. With Green Kid Crafts‘ Kitchen Table STEAM, you get all the great material in our fall subscription boxes plus supplemental videos, live events, and new activity ideas.

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Kitchen Table STEAM includes our monthly, award-winning subscription boxes delivered to your door, plus supplemental learning opportunities. You'll get access automatically on purchase.
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What's different this fall?

Every Green Kid Craft family will continue to get their boxes. In addition, at no extra charge, we're making available supplemental learning opportunities like the Kitchen Table STEAM . Sign up to stay in the know!

Ask-a-Scientist sessions hosted live on Facebook where every month we invite a real Scientist to answer your kids’ questions!

YouTube videos featuring Kitchen Table STEAM and other activity instructions and inspiration from real parents and caregivers

New ready-to-learn YouTube playlists with additional STEAM materials related to each box, including podcasts, videos, and book recommendations

Submit your child’s STEAM artwork to our Kitchen Table STEAM Show and Tell event with Green Kid Crafts founder and environmentalist Penny Bauder

Are you ready to kick off your child's STEAM learning journey?

STEAM Activities For Kids Ages 5-10

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Our box themes plus Kitchen Table STEAM activities are perfect for at-home, hands-on learning
STEAM Activities For Kids Ages 2-5

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Our box themes plus Kitchen Table STEAM activities are perfect for at-home, hands-on learning
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