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I love that for once, it feels like someone else did the thinking and figuring out for us.


Becoming a rainforest expert this week. Thanks Uncle Rico!


Thank goodness for #GreenKidCrafts Outer Space box to offer a little distraction so mom can get a bit of work done!

Casey Gromer

Children are constantly learning and absorbing the world around them. And while many of us continue to stay at home this year, there’s no better time to remember that some of our children’s most wonderful discoveries can happen right at home.

Since September, every Green Kid Craft box subscriber still gets learning delivered to their door –  and now with additional STEAM learning in their inbox. 

Let’s celebrate and encourage the learning that’s happening around our Kitchen Tables every day.

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Kitchen Table STEAM makes Kitchen Table learning easy.  In addition to our monthly, award-winning subscription boxes delivered to your door, we curate and share learning opportunities – to your inbox.

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STEAM Learning has never been easier!

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“This is the best kid craft box around. Love it and so does my child. High quality and the NUMBER of activities! The magazine is great too. So much thought goes into these projects.” – Nicole C.

”THE best gift! Each box has 4 to 6 different projects and, honestly, really cool ones. We’ve made a complete model solar system, working model lungs and a wooden model airplane!” — Ady W.

“I ordered this box as a gift for my granddaughter. She loved getting “surprises” in the mail;, exploring what was inside and the boxes allowed for good spontaneous conversations that we would not otherwise have engaged in.” – Julie C

We love green kid boxes! It’s become a favorite family activity to open the box together and learn…It’s one of the best children’s subscriptions available and a good value.” — Alexis P.