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Intro to Engineering

Engineering Box

In our Intro to Engineering box, kids build different machines to explore engineering in the air, in the water, on land, and in the sky. They’ll construct a racing ramp to play with the friction, force, and motion and get thinking like an engineer by building a simple machine.

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Educational Videos

If you’ve got a little one with an insatiable curiosity, these Kid-Friendly videos might be just what they need!


Activities for At-Home Learning

Want to take your kids’ learning further? You’re in luck!
At Green Kid Crafts we were blogging before blogging was a thing. We’ve got DIY activities for days to keep your kids entertained.
Below you’ll find ideas related to the theme of this box.

More At-Home Learning Resources

We’ve collected and curated even more ways for kids to learn about Engineering Box!
Podcasts, books, environmental organizations, educational initiatives, and more.

Worth a Listen

Worth a Listen

In this episode of Brains On, the hosts learn about and compare Bridges versus Tunnels. Discover how they are engineered, built, and even where they can be found in nature.

From Tumble Science Podcast for Kids comes an episode all about Reinventing the Wheel. With guide and engineer, Rory Cooper, kids unravel the history and future of wheelchair design.

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids talks to a NASA scientist, Mitch Schulte, working on the Mars 2020 Mission to explore what robots are doing on the red planet.

Good Reads

What Do You Do With an Idea by Kobi Yamada. This is a beautiful book for anyone who’s ever had an idea and how to bring it into the world.

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. This is the sweetest book about how taking a break can help you think through a problem when creating and lead to a solution.

Have You Thanked an Inventor Today by Patrice McLaurin. A book about the forgotten inventions of African Americans that we use every day.

Environmental Causes


Girls Who Stem is a free resource that offers researched information about all things STEM specifically focused on girls. From news and tips to product guides, the site supports parents in raising girls in STEM.

Custemized creates personalized storybooks for kids to see themselves in STEM careers and learn about female role models in STEM. For each book sold, the organization provides free personalized books to children in underserved communities.

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