Physics Ball Game Kit – Set of 6


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Geared towards kids in a classroom or group setting, our activity packs support Green Kid Crafts educational standards and love for making learning fun! This hands-on physics ball game celebrates thinking, questioning and play and will have everyone tinkering, giggling and learning long afterwards. This floating ball game and classic toy by Schylling is a wonderful example of Bernoulli’s Principle, the same principle that allows heavier-than-air objects, like airplanes, to fly. As air is forced through the wooden pipe and around the ball, it must move faster in order to “catch up” on the other side. The result is a decrease in air pressure around the ball than in turn keeps the ball in place! Kids will have such a blast playing with these floating balls they won’t even notice that they are learning about physics as well! Our physics ball game comes with 12 sets of individually-packaged games, plus instruction booklet with extended learning ideas.

“Old school toys are still the best. Forget video games. I gave this to one grandchild and all the others wanted to play too. Luckily, I’d bought five!” – Carrie, Zeeland, Michigan



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