Rocket Launchers Set of 12


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Geared towards kids in a classroom or group setting, our activity packs support Green Kid Crafts educational standards and love for making learning fun! This hands-on rocket science activity celebrates thinking, questioning and play and will have everyone tinkering, giggling and learning long afterwards. Kids will have such a blast playing with these rockets rocket launchers they won’t even notice that they are learning about rocket science as well! Our rocket launcher pack comes with 12 sets of individually-packaged units of one hand pump and 3 rockets, plus instruction booklet with extended learning ideas.

“Great option as a classroom party favor and they work well! My kids and their friends had a blast with these. We included them in the favor bag for our class party and they were the unexpected hit. Also a bonus was that my 3yr old could easily place a rocket on the “launcher” and squeeze for blast off. It doesn’t shoot very far/high, but that’s probably a good thing!” – Simone, Vista, CA



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