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Green Kid Crafts Box Project: DIY Foosball Game

By July 6, 2017March 14th, 2020No Comments

Build a foosball game

Green Kid Crafts Box Project: DIY Foosball Game

Extend your fun with a Green Kid Crafts box project! Green Kid Crafts boxes can be made into a cool toys, games and projects! Make this diy foosball for kids to play at home.

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  • Empty Green Kid Crafts Box
  • Stars and Planets Free Printable
  • Black Paint
  • 4 Wooden Dowels
  • Stars and Planets Printable
  • Small Ball
  • Scissors or Cutting Blade
  • Tape
  • 2 Popsicle Sticks

How to make a Foosball Game from a Cardboard Box

  1. Start by cutting the lid off of the box. This is something an adult should do because it requires a sharp blade or scissors.
  2. Cut a square hole on each end of the box for the goals.
  3. Paint the inside of the box and the wooden dowels with the black paint. Let dry.
  4. Poke four holes evenly across the long edge of the box, repeat with the second long side of the box. Insert the dowels into the holes.
  5. Snap a popsicle stick in half and tape it to the dowls as shown in the pictures. Repeat with another popsicle stick so that you have 2 halves of each stick on each dowel.
  6. Color the stars and planets from the printable.
  7. Tape a planet to the popsicle stick on the first dowel and the third dowel. Tape a star to the second dowel and the fourth dowel. Get your free stars and planets printable here.

diy foosball game

diy foosball game

diy foosball game

How to Play Outerspace Foosball

Drop a small ball into the box to play. One player holds the dowels for the planets and another player holds the dowels for the stars. Turn the dowel to try to hit the ball into your goal!

diy foosball game

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