Felt Carrot Counting Kit – Set of 6


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Geared towards kids in a classroom or group setting, our activity packs support Green Kid Crafts educational standards and love for making learning fun! This hands-on learning toy celebrates thinking, questioning and play and will have everyone tinkering, giggling and learning long afterwards. Practice counting skills with this hands on activity that has kids matching the number of holes in carrots with a number on the carrot top. Our felt carrot counting kit combines math, hands-on learning and story time. Comes with six complete sets of felt carrot counting kits that each contain 10 Velcro-tabbed felt carrots and 10 Velcro-tabbed felt carrot tops.

“Such a great kit – we loved the Farm Box! My daughter’s favorite project was the carrot counting kit – she played with it for almost an hour, removing the tops and counting the number of holes in each carrot bottom.” – Pam, from Instagram



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