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Toilet Paper Roll Dragon

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toilet roll dragon

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make this fire breathing dragon craft out of toilet paper rolls!

dragon toilet paper roll craft ingredients


Supplies: four toilet paper rolls, paint, Pom Pom, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, ribbon, construction paper, glitter glue, scissors, glue and felt.

dragon toilet paper roll craft step 1

Step 1: cut each toilet paper roll in half.

toilet roll dragon painting

Step 2: paint the rolls with a main color and then paint different colored scales on it.

Toilet paper roll dragon

Step 3:  cut out a tail and two wings from construction paper. Add glitter glue if desired.

building toilet roll dragon

Step 4:  thread ribbon through the rolls and staple each one securely.

Adding the eyes

Step 5: add googly eyes and pipe cleaner for whiskers.

dont forget the nose

Step 6:  cut a tongue out of felt and staple in mouth. Also glue on wings and tail.

completed toilet roll dragon